Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give thanks as love is free

Last week I was taking a walk in the aisle of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, when I looked at two beautiful kids sat on the aisle’s floor and were hugging each other. They were dirty but still beautiful. One's a girl, the other is a boy. I thought they were brother and sister. Maybe they were waiting for their parent who might be a beggar.

They were just smiling and laughing. They were also kissing each other’s chick. So cute weren’t they? :D

And then I told this story to kikin and spontaneously he said, “luckily, love is free”.

Yeah, I thought, no matter how hard life is and how harder life is for several people, we are supposed to be able to go through it because there is love. There is love here and there.. It’s like the air, it’s everywhere and free. And we need it aint we? Becos it makes us happy, there's no doubt about that.

Moreover, it is Christmas coming to town. Spread more love! SMILE and take a break from sadness.

So, will you give love?

A point where i cried

This is the first time I cried so bad about something unworthy to be cried about.
This is the first time I felt so injured in my heart.
This is my handwriting and this is my story.
Im not brilliant or something but I know myself well and also love myself well, and it makes me able to do a lot of brilliant things.
And if you though that I am proud of myself, I am. What makes me not to? Or are you not becos youre just…..bad? Well, but I am not bad, because I am not you.

And if you ever once think that my wants to tell the world to please remember their dreams is only a matter of showoff thing, you are wrong. Totally. It is me begging all of you to chase your dream. Why? Because you have no idea how happy I am when I take a time to write, and I want all of you to feel it too. Because it isn’t fair if it is only me. I want all of you to feel proud about yourself to have something that you are really good at. Because it is amazing, because it raised up your confidence. Because it makes you feel as ‘someone’; it makes you feel valuable and useful as a human being. It makes you feel different or unique, not ordinary. Basically, it makes you SPECIAL.

This is why it is all about im telling you..

And if as all you can see from this is still about how arrogant I am, then maybe youre just not born to be a winner.

p.s: thank you for you having a lack of personality, cause it only makes mine looked better.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

on un rest we stand

looking forward to find happinessas all i could see is sea, this is happinessand all that i have is my two sweet friends, this is blessingso, please meet Rani and Miranti..location: Un Rest (Onrust) Island, Jakarta

Miranti Verdiana -the girl who lifted me up
We were just simply becoming friend after she moved to my boarding house. For the first couple of months, i couldnt remember her name for God's sake. I used to remember her as Martia, hahaha, sorry pal! And yes, the friendship hold on for long..

She was just have a boyfriend, so all i can say about her now is that she fell in love so deep to her boyfriend, Alvin. Im so happy for both of them :D

She and I have through a lot of experience; laugh and cry. She was there when i through something really bad in my life. Thank you, sayang..

Miranti is so independent, moreover as a woman. And i am proud of her.

And Miranti is the one whom my parents and brothers would call if i dont pick up their phone calls, bzzzzzzz......

Rani Tandiono -the girl in grey shirt
I first met her at Business English class, we continued to have lunch together where we usually ate batagor -a special food from Bandung which made from fish. And then somehow we continued to be close friend.

She is a smart student but basically you'll need a lot of patience to discuss something not related with college subject becos she can be a so-slowly-thinker! Damn you! But regardless all of that, i have to admit that she is a super-nice person. She's just kind from the beginning you know..

It's easy to give when you are in the middle of wealth or something, but can you give more when you yourself kinda need it too? Well, Rani can.

I remembered how she always willing to drop by in my boarding house to teach me accounting, eventhough i was the one who needed the lesson. She said, it was too late for me to walk to her boarding house. Well, actually if it was too late for me, it was too late for you too, idiot! We live in the same area! Thank you so much for that, darling.

She loves her family so much. She is close to her mom and -i dont know, i would like to say...sacrifice a lot for her twin sisters and her only brother. She is a brought-something-special-for-her-family-after-pay-day type of person. So sweet of her, isnt it?

p.s: for both of you, nothing more to say, i just love you.. *pelukpelukmanja* *jilatjilatbasah*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wandering l o v e

Its been a long time since i write about love, aint i? So, now lets talk about love.

If you remember, i dont believe in whatsoever called love. What i do believe is continuity. Sometimes, somewhere in my heart is always wandering that maybe love exists. Because if it is not, how come this serious relationship can be so much fun with my boyfriend..

To be honest, this is the best relationship i can imagine between man and woman. We grow together into something better of ourselves. I dont remember whether we ever have a big fight or not, i dont think so.. We argue about something we did should, not about something silly. He understands me so good. He always try to make me happy and for this i cant thank God more for sending me him. He is one of very smart, open minded, creative and visioner type of person. Yet, he is caring. Yeah and so, he can be my most challenging brainstorming opponent but also my sweet lover.

Hey you, thank you you found me..

I still dont know if love exists, but lets just see :D

p.s: i found it so sweet >>

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From Go there visit.

Love, XOXO.

Monday, December 5, 2011

dunia kita ini indah

Inginku terbang mengusap awan
Inginku menari di deburan ombak
Inginku bercakap dengan sang angin
Bersendau canda, bergurau ria
Lalu kan ku peluk pelangi saat hujan reda

Bagaimana bisa kau tak ucap doa
Di tengah segala indah dan cerah dunia
Rentangkan tanganmu
Hisap udara lalu salurkan dalam rongga dada
Gerai rambutmu lalu menyanyilah
Buka mata dan lihatlah bahwa semua ini indah..

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I want to live my life to the absolute fullest

To open my eyes to be all I can be

To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown

To feel the wind, to touch the stars

I promise to discover myself

To stand tall with greatness

To chase down and catch every dream


indonesian young people

Right now, i really want to talk about Indonesia, my beautiful country. A half year ago, i wont put the word beautiful in front of that 'country' word, i wont even think about Indonesia. Vice versa with my boyfriend who is very passionate about Indonesia. I once remembered he asked me "What reason makes you do not love Indonesia? While you asked me about the reason why i love it, let me ask you why you do not?" And then he continued "It has so may beautiful place. It has Bali, the place you always adore right? Dont you remember that is part of Indonesia? It has so many islands you really want to visit remember? Where do you think those islands are?". Then i took one night to think about it, one night that my boyfriend himself might do not realise. And here i am now, many step ahead from i am before. Sometimes i still feel weird about myself everytime -without conscious- i found myself talking about how great Indonesia is. I feel weird when i was really really sad when my country didnt win the SEA Games soccer match defeating Malaysia, and yet it still felt sad everytime i take a time to remember that loss.

So now here, i am about talking INDONESIA.

Well i do not know it much. But as long as i know, it has tons of great young people. There was Jakarta Fashion Week being held recently. Do you know that some of the entrants, including the designers were only on my age -21-25 approximately? Do you know that some of the owners of brand like Tosavica which has store at Grand Indonesia were also on my age? Do you know how many gold medal Indonesia got from its young athletes in last SEA Games? On the 10th day, Indonesia already got 155 gold medals. Can you still say that everything is wrong in here? NO, ITS NOT! If some of you say yes instead, i really hope you already has contributed an or some achievements to this country.

It is the time for Indonesia to shine for God's sake. And it is the time for its young people to help it shine. It is the time for people in our age to contribute big. It is the time for us to create not use. It is the time for us to not only speak but do what we speak. It is our time, it is our momentum. It is your time to do what you like and be the best on that. Pilot, runner, astronaut are also a job, its not only being a singer, doctor, or businessman that you can dreaming about. Be good be good, be big be big. DREAM HIGH.

Send lots of love from here..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

its never too late to build your dream

I was supposed to be on different tab of my screen right now, doing my work (AT THIS TIME!!! its 9.10 PM fyi). But instead, here I am, cant hold it any longer to write. Do you know what am i thinkin about? Sometimes i feel really really scared if only i just stuck here in my routine and going nowhere, where suddenly times have gone away and i am 50 years old. How sad i could be.. I have a lot of...a lot of things i want to achieve, but basically i just want to live in my dream, in what i am called passion. Sometimes i get really really jealous with my boyfriend, he is living his dream everyday, he does what he likes and live from there. Sometimes i am so afraid that i cant follow him..

What do you want from your life? I want to write a magazine contained a profile of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia and their achievements or ideas and publish it free. I want to held a sharing session with all of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia who might have the same interest with me which is to live by our passion and who might have the same spirit which is to bring greatness for Indonesia. I want to get a butterfly tattoo on my chest. I want to own a clothing line. I want to build a child and youth foundation. And finally i want to have my own tv station.

Can you imagine having a tv station? Gosh, it was the largest communication tool existed! You can bring a very big impact for the country. You can contribute a lott! I cant imagine how happy i am will be by the time i have it. I will show the world how beautiful Indonesia is and how blessed we are as Indonesian. I also will show the world how we are Indonesian are smart, brave and creative. We are willing to take a step forward and learn to be successful person.


Please, im begging, do what you like, and bring the best from there.. For yourself, for Indonesia.. Never hesitate to dream, even, its never too late to build it when you dont have one yet.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

Monday, November 7, 2011

random updates

Hi, people. It has been a super long time since my last ‘me’ time, sitting with nobody and just talk to you all. It’s been a quite busy month on October. And my life is still perfect eventhough there are times where I was sad of too missing my boyfriend since we were into this long distance relationship thing. But overall, I am happy.

Hmmm, what’s to talk about eh? Well, how about me and my new friendship I’ve got here at office. Basically it was quite fun eventhough I still cannot replace David and Joseph, Oline, and Miranti and Rani. Hi you, guys! But everybody here is kind and nice. Actually, last Saturday I’ve just hang out with some of them. We’ve got our dinner together and celebrated Diana’s birthday. Since none of us wanted to go home yet, we were then going to Cynthia’s home and played card where the looser should answer one question from the other players, a truth answer of course. Well, basically it was the truth or dare games but since it was late at night and there were no others people to be dared for, we just played the truth or truth. And it was quite helped us to get to know each other surprisingly. Well, I’ve got lose for about four or five times and here are the list of questions I should answered:
1. What was the hottest thing you’ve ever done with your boyfriend?
2. Do you ever thought about marrying your present boyfriend?
3. Do you ever had a thought of breaking up with him?
4. Do you ever fell in love with another man while you were in a relationship with a guy?
5. How did your boyfriend ask you to be his girlfriend?

But but but, I won’t write the answer here! Ouh, I also had another fun time with my other friends at office. It happened last Friday where there was a closing dinner of my graduate project which was an accounting competition followed by many top universities in Indonesia. I have some photos of us below.

Here they are, my happy life :D
Cheers! @AliceAyu

Thursday, November 3, 2011

your artwork

Ada banyak hal yang melatarbelakangi seseorang dalam melakukan sesuatu. Ada yang iseng-iseng berhadiah, ada yang karena memang suka aja, ada yang kewajiban jadi ngerjainnya sambil bersungut-sungut dan asal-asalan, tapi ada yang ngerjain sesuatu pake hati. Dan gw selalu amaze sama orang yang ngerjain sesuatu sepenuh hati. No matter what the form or the result is – which is usually very good when you do sth with all your heart, it will always be an art eventually. I mean, kalo pun seseorang ngerjain something like scientific thing yang susah dilihat sebagai suatu seni, menurut gw in the end itu tetep suatu karya seni for some people who are into that thing. And unlike many times ago, zaman sekarang seni itu dibayar mahal. And just like many times ago, semua orang pasti pingin dibayar mahal. Jadi apa dong kira-kira kesimpulannya? Find something that you think when you do that, you will do it with all your heart and voala there it is you art work which will be appreciated by so many people surround you.


just maybe

You know maybe it’s not like what we always imagine, the way you know that someone was made for you. Maybe it doesn’t sound ‘click’, maybe actually it doesn’t even has a sound. But you know, maybe we will just know it eventually all by the sudden. Maybe..and maybe it’s you.. Cause you make me feel unexplainable.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

killing time

1.what is your name?

2.What colour pants are you wearing right now?
Im putting on my skirt

3.what song are you listening right now?
I Will – The Beatles

4.what are the last four digits of your phone number?

5.What was the last thing you eat?
Nasi Gudeg

6.if you were a crayon, what colour would you want to be?
Black, so many people won’t use me

7.where do you want to go on your honeymoon?
Moon if I could

8.who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?
Probably myself is the weather right now?

10.last person you talked to on the phone?
My client –Pak Dwi

11.what’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Their hair length are you today?
Feeling guilty

13.your fave drink?
Thai ice tea

So that’s why Im feeling guilty do you eat an Oreo?

16.favourite sport?

17.what makes you happy?
Roses and Lilies colour?

19.eye colour?

Around 156cm

21.what do you like to do?
Being alone on the beach. Sit on the sand. And just writing or doing nothing there.

22.have you ever won any special awards?
Being the only daughter of my parents

23.what are your future goals?
Able to giving back to the community

24.fave music?
Hard to decide

25.fave food?

26.fave movies?
The Notebook, cause it reminds me how to love

27.fave day of the year?
My brother’s birthday

28.fave month?

29.are you shy to ask someone out?
It depends on someone whom I ask to go out

30.whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?
Too much on my list, not enough space to write it here

31.on the phone or meet in person?
Just chat I preferred

32.summer or winter?
Neither, it doesn’t matter when you live in my country

Should I choose? I need both

34.worst feeling in the world?
Saying goodbye arrangement?
Small house, somewhere unreachable

36.what is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
To snooze my alarm

the more i know myself, the more i love her

ALOHA! As I promised to you, I’ll write today. And so, how’s your answer? Are you a pretty good person? Haha.. Well, lets just start with myself.

I’m not. But I’m better from what I’ve been before. I’m still mad and curse on something, I’m still lazy –very. Basically I’m still me in a better version. On top of that, I know myself even better and the more I know her the more I love her.

Well, that’s all. How about you? Do you know yourself?

Cheers! @AliceAyu

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what do you think about yourself?

What do you think of yourself? As human, admit that most of the time we talk about others behind their back. We say them A, we say them B, we say a lot about them like we really know them. And now, do you know yourself better than you know other people around you? And if you do know yourself, what will you talk about yourself? And please be objective. Will that be good enough? Will you like what you say about yourself?

I’ll give you a day to think about it. Catch up with all of you later (tomorrow I wish) with your answer in your heart.

See ya very soon. Cheers! @AliceAyu

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mereka punya nama

Hanya saja tak menggema

Coba saja suruh bicara

Tak kan kalah dengan Tuannya

Mendongak tak boleh mereka

Tuk berlutut lututnya tercipta

Berjarit kain, beralas tanah

Surya terbit, mereka berdarah

Maka buat apa mulutnya?

Buat apa kepalanya?

Takhta diduduki demi mendepak manusia bumi

Maka sekalian saja makamkan mayat-mayat mati

Dan kebumikan harga-harga diri

Biar puas, biar sumringah berharam jadah

Sampai suatu kala nanti

Ia kan turut mati, terkubur sendiri dibalut sepi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


AHOY! Maybe it’s time for me to update you with my daily life. Time was being so exciting these days. Surprisingly, I do enjoy my job. I love it even. Just you know, it’s good that the beginning was okay, so I hope it will be fine till forever. Actually there are a lot of things that I can absorb from my working hours and from the environment itself. Ahh there are a lot of smart persons around me and it does makes me becomes more and more exciting day after day. It was amazing actually how the whole system supports this big company. There’s no gap and everybody’s just like welcoming us –the new associates.

And now my dream is getting bigger and bigger. I believe I’m gonna achieve it and so you do I hope. So where are you now in reaching your dreams? Have you reached yours or do you think that you’re not even close to it? Don’t worry, just keep believing and hope! Work on it every single day, work it hard! I believe that the opportunity will be opened for us who are willing to work it out. Even for you who do not trust any of God, I believe you still believe in nature or everything bigger than you right? So, just don’t stop dreaming and do not stop working it out cause (remember) the opportunity will someday be opened for you.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

who you are before you met him?

Having a boyfriend doesn’t always mean to have fun. No, it’s not even about that after all. It’s more about learn to know ourselves better. What do we want from a man –since I am a female. Sometimes it would be easier for us to know what do we want and like by knowing what we don’t want or dislike. It also helps us to at least notice that there is one person around us that working as hard as we do to reach some certain goals in life. It brings a lot of spirits and hopes I guess.

No matter what a boyfriends are for for you is, the most important thing is don’t forget who you are before you met your boyfriend. Don’t forget things that cheered you up before you met your boyfriend. Do not ever forget things that make you happy, things that make you smile before you met him. Because you still have to smile while those things happened, with or without him.

And the second point is the thing that you and your boyfriend have is should be a relationship that can make the two of you become more positive as a person. And that’s what boyfriends are for. Yeah of course, also to have fun, do crazy things and LAUGH.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

Monday, September 19, 2011

lain di mulut lain di hati

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I do believe that as a woman, we all are beautiful. We have the ability to inspire the environment with our tenderness. And not only by that, because from the era of Kartini, we found the new word that is “emancipation”. So, now women also have the ability to speak up their thoughts and reach out their dreams. And there are so many examples of a woman who has been on the top of her successes and inspires the world. So, it’s a must that we should thanking Kartini for made the opportunity happened. But on behalf of that, do you realise that the term of emancipation also brings a very big responsibility to all Indonesian women? Have you noticed that our environment expects us –women– to be a good mother in raising our children and also being an independent woman in the term of financial to support the rest of our parents' life and maybe for all the members of the family. Compare to the expectation of our environment from a man. Do you have a brother? Well, only if you have, ask yourself, do you ever see your mother asks him to learn how to cook well or how to use a needle? She must ask your brother to have a good pattern in his career life. While from you, she asks for both. Well, it doesn’t mean that so we should blame on Kartini. We should keep thanking her for raised up women’s dignity. Because from this fact and by a lot of examples of women alive and success in both area, we know now that nothing is really impossible for us; for women.

By all means, that’s not what I actually want to share about. On top of that, I want to ask all of you to think about something. Why do you think there are some women who would keep saying this “I better get foods to eat than a flower which will be withered on the next day” or this “I’ll be happier to get bank account than a flower which will be decayed on the next morning”? Don’t you think that’s just a way to be different from other women? Do you think they really don’t want to get one sweet bouquet from their lover on their birthday, anniversary or maybe graduation? Well, to be honest, I don’t think so. And so, the only thing I want to suggest is just don’t make your tough life any harder by ignoring what you do really want, girls. I know that sometimes it is our nature to be “lain di mulut, lain di hati”, but don’t we should try to be as simple as man but still elegant as who we are? Don’t you think that that would be easier for us? Yep, I know you do J And by the way, we deserve for many roses and yet we’re still more beautiful than all of them.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

Saturday, September 3, 2011

sharing dolls. sharing smiles.

Friday has been passing by. And i'll share what i've done, not to brag about myself but just so you know that people in our age (before 23) are really can do something about charity. It's not father's mother's activity, it's our's. So you who are doing the same thing with me also can know that you're not alone. So, i'll just share it now :D

At first, it was actually me making a promise to myself that at the time i have some money, i'll spend it to buy new clothes and toys for the waifs or lets just call them children from the street. The mission is only to bring back these kids to become just-kids, not kids-with-jobs-on-the-street. And so, when i did have the money, i went to make it happen. And it happened. I bought 24 kiddy shirts and shorts for boys and girls. The girls got princess and cartoon character print on it, while the boys got famous football team shirts and shorts. Besides, because i'm a girl and i have this nucka as my lovely doll and somehow he's alive for me where i can share a lot of activities with him, so i think it will be good for the children have it too. So, i bought them 12 dolls which are so super cute and lovely :D

And then when i got stopped by traffic lights, i gave the clothes or the dolls to these children. Well, not all of the things have been distributed to the children yet because of some reasons. Ahh, all of you must see their reaction when i gave them the clothes and the dolls. Their smiles, their faces.. It's actually me who really get something, not them. They're angels.

For me, it's silly if you say "it's better not to give when you're not sincere" because if you say so, these children won't get anything from you. It's better you're not sincere but they still can get something from you to help them. Because they have nothing to be waiting for you to be sincere. They have nothing and they can't only wait. Because they're hungry and dirty and they can't wait. Because they're sick and they can't only wait for us to be sincere to help..

And again, it's actually us who will get something, not them.. Feel their smile and you'll be full of joy.

Keep smiling, people.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring me the kids, Friday..

Hi, people. First of all, let me congratulate HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1432 H to every moslem of the world. Be joyful!

I'm just wondering, what have you done for the poor? You see, it's so painful for me watching the kids on the street. Do you think someday i can build a house for them? Do you think it's possible for me and you being together back to back to help them? I want to see them smile and wearing clean clothes. I want to make them play, either robot or barbie, not on the bridge nor on the street. Just play as a kid.

So, what will you do? I've got my plan which i like to share when i done do that. Friday, let's see on Friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another new :D

I've bought this noche and there's no regret for every ounce of it. BIG SMILE.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new life - new post - new beginning

The fact is that actually i am a really homebody (do i say it right?) person. I enjoy myself when i'm all alone at my room. I can spend 48 hours without going out of it, only listening to music, watching television and DVDs, cuddling on my pillow, and write. It's pacifying you know :D

And by this habit, i reject some of invitations to hang out with friends quite often, and yes sometimes i regret it. What do you know about regrets? Do you have much of it? I have one from my childhood, that is when i said no when my mom push me to get to a piano course, stupid me!

And so, i don't feel much of regrets in my life, cause i believe everything's happened with a reason. Instead, i feel kinda blessed, because i already make a couple of friends -friends from office- here at Jakarta. One of them is a barbarian girl, hahaha, but she's so pretty i'm telling you. Hi there, oddie :D

And also there's this one chubby friend who asked my opinion about my last post talked about cheating. He confirmed that he saw lets say unfairness to men about this cheating stuff. He asked me why is that if the man did the cheat everyone would say that the man is a jerk, while the woman did the cheat everyone would likely to say that the man couldn't make the woman happy till she had to cheat. Hahaha, it's kinda right actually i think. Sorry, boys!

Well, for me, that makes everything becomes fair right? Here, let me ask you back, why is that if there is a man who did so much sex everyone keeps calling him cool, while there's a girl do it as many as him everyone would call her a bitch? It's all about stereotype and it is a heritage, so just eat it and don't take it too personally and you'll be just fine.

Greetings from here to every monkey's reading. Xxx.

Friday, August 12, 2011

graduation we can

c a s u a l

Banyak orang ga bisa bedain sesuatu. Ga bisa bedain mana yang bisa di-judge explicitly sebagai "right" or "wrong" dan mana yang more complex than just between right and wrong. Banyak yang ga bisa bedain kritis sama pesimis; bedain iri dan kagum. Boleh ga sih kalo gw bilang ini sebagai penyakit? Soalnya orang yang ga bisa bedain hijau dan kuning dibilang sakit buta warna parsial. Dan ga ada yang bakal bilang itu ga bahaya, soalnya jelas bahaya kalo lo ga bisa bedain warna traffic light, man.
Sama, ga bisa bedain mana masalah yang bisa diselesaiin pake right and wrong method dan mana yang ga bisa juga bahaya.

Bunuh orang itu jelas salah, no matter what the motive would be. Buat kasus ini cuma ada satu exception buat gw, yaitu kalo orang yang lo bunuh berusaha bunuh (dan atau) memperkosa lo atau orang di sekeliling lo. Selebihnya, man, bukan hak lo sama sekali buat matiin kesempatan seseorang buat hidup, even euthanasia -i'm in the con side.

Gimana kalo selingkuh? Denger katanya aja langsung lebih kompleks kan hal-hal yang berseliweran di otak lo? Option-nya bisa jadi lebih banyak; nih:
- Selingkuh karena pasangan yang payah, in so many ways
- Selingkuh karena kitanya yang banyak mau
- Selingkuh karena keadaan
- .......................................
- etc.
It's absolutely on the grey area.

Nah, bahayanya di mana kalo kita ga bisa bedain dua kasus di atas? Kalo lo mentok di only between right or wrong, bakal susah deh buat lo ngeluarin kata 'maaf'. Kalo dulu gw pernah nulis tentang 'how to apologize', sekarang lebih tentang 'how to forgive'. Try to put yourself in other's shoes. Bisa aja istri lo selingkuh karena bener-bener ga dapet your manhood that you should give actually, cause women need that. Terus lo ga mau maafin dia no matter how she'd been apologize to you, walaupun kalo mau diliat lagi sebenernya lo juga menyumbang alasan buat istri lo selingkuh. Man, ada kemungkinan selamanya lo ga bakal happy karena ga maafin orang yang lo sayang. Inget ya, gw bilang ga bakal happy karena lo ga maafin orang yang lo sayang, bukan karena lo ga bisa bareng-bareng atau sayang-sayangan lagi sama istri lo, karena seperti yang selalu gw percaya, we can't put happiness in other's feet. But, simply lo ga bisa seneng karena hati lo ga tenang for not forgiving. And not being happy while you live is a so much danger right, don't you think?

extension: karena gw sempet sebut iri vs kagum, sekalian deh bahas dikit. sebenernya hal-hal negatif tu bisa banget dirubah jadi hal-hal yang lebih positif. kenapa? soalnya, back to the very basic way, sesuatu bisa jadi positif ya karena ada sesuatu yang negatif and vice versa. jadi, coba deh, kalo lo lagi iri sama seseorang (btw, it is a natural thing anyway) ubah sudut pandangnya. coba buat ikhlas dan terima kalo orang itu 'lebih' dari kita. gw ga mau muluk-muluk bilang jadiin orang itu sebagai sesuatu yang memacu lo buat do something more, gw cuma pingin ingetin kalo rasa-rasa yang kayak gitu ga bakal bawa lo kemana-mana, instead, ke-iri-an lo bakal bring you down. jadi ya buat apa?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haru Menggantung Biru

Hari ini aku kelabu
Kelabu menggantung biru
Biru pun haru
Melihatku menatap rindu
Kalau kamu jadi aku
Apa kamu juga kan ragu?
Atau terus melaju maju? by trully inspiring indonesian youngster

So, here i am, in a big cold room, trying to figure out what would i really do exactly in the end of the month -maybe? Get me a topic please, somebody, cause i'm only an inch into the crazinness of doing nothing but reading manuals. You can see my note book and you'll find everything about poets and a writing of the name "chuckanucka" and some drawings of clothes and flowers.

So, how are you people? Still alive, huh? Let's discuss something interesting here, like nasionalism. Haha, i don't know, i hope it's interesting enough for you guys.

How much do you love your country? And since i live in Indonesia, i'll just ask you, how much do you adore The Republic of Indonesia? I don't adore it much, even i want to. Well, i hope it's just me. What i see is the people of Indonesia, especially the youth, are very evolving, really. Like i've ever said before, there are so many great artists and entrepreneurs of Indonesian youngster, and they are brilliant people. What i don't see is the connection between their intension and success with the country itself. Well, what should i say? I'm just trying to be honest.

But, but for every of you who do not feel the same way with me, instead, you feel that the connection is pretty strong, please don't change your mind. Someday i hope i will finally come at your place, that is loving Indonesia.

And for all of you, please make a time and go to this very beautiful mind Pandji Pragiwaksono, trust me you'll get inspired. And have you heard about That is a book written by Pandji, which contains, well you can guess right, by the title? You can either download the e-book for free here or here Enjoy!

Cheers! and wish me lot of lucks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life will always..

Life will always turn around, no matter how you want to stop and stay. No matter how you want to say enough and just enjoy the goods.

Life will always do what it needs to do, no matter how important what you yourself need to do is. And it will always say what it needs to say, no matter how hard that will be.

Life will always live and take you somewhere else from where you are now. Life will always give you laugh and that's what will make you alive..

So enjoy life, make some fun, do crazy things, and keep your life alive :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

another form of

Apa yang kamu cari? Apa yang membuatmu begitu tak puas? Bukankah matahari juga terbit untukmu? Bukankah angin masih bertiup di sela-sela tengkukmu? Dan bukankah masih bisa kau lihat betapa indah memerah senja itu. Lalu kenapa kamu bersungut? Mengapa tetap engkau merengut? Mengapakah engkau harus beringsut dalam kelut dan tetap saja kamu menumpuk iri?

Apa yang hilang? Apa yang hilang dari hatimu? Karna sesungguhnya aku benar tak tahu apa yang tengah kau cari. Kau bilang “bahagia”. Maka bukan di sana kau akan menemukannya. Bukan di Eropa atau di Australia. Lihat kemari, menengoklah hanya untuk sekejap saja, dan lihatlah aku. Bukankah bibirku tersenyum? Maka cukup berhentilah di sini, di dekatku, dan akan ku bagi senyumku, selalu, berdua, bersama.