Friday, December 24, 2010

unforgettable far e well

Hi, Readersssss! This gonna be a quite long writing, so please just sit and enjoy :)

A few days ago, I spent a day and night with my friends. That was an unforgettable moment that I had. Big thankss to Miranti and Regina, the two whom I know was made the event could been realized. This event was made in order to strengthen our friendship, due to the graduation of some of our members, so this event can also been called "far e well". Since that evening, I know for sure that I love them all, and I always will. Here they are.

There is one agenda on this event which each of us had to exchange the gift that we had prepared previously with others' gift (actually it wasn't a simple exchange like you all read, but we must play a certain game first, totally fun!). And the funny thing about this agenda is that I got Kikin's present, and he got mine, what a pity, cause we buy those presents together, so the first time when we saw the wrap, we spontaneously scream, hahaha.. But I still like it, red Elmo doll, cute. I gave him a set of badminton tools - in small size of course.

Another substory: me, Miranti, and Rani finally got our photos which contain only the three of us (we had want it for a long time, weird that we got it just now huh??)..

Ouhh, and a week before the event, Miranti asked me to make a writing about this friendship, and here is what I got. A simple writing titled:


Birds fly in a group, because it will be easier to them to resist the wind blow. Ants looking for bread crumb together, because the crumb will be much lighter when they lift it up together. Accordance, in a certain season the whales do migration in a swarm, so they can support each other, to reach their destination. That is what animals do. And what we do was exactly the same. Here we are, in the middle of big big world; try to survive from all of the insecurity and uncertainty, making a cluster, named friendship.

But when one bird was exhausted, the others were keep flying. When an ant was threatened by a human feet, their group was keep walking. And when one huge whale got old and weak, his swarm was still swimming, leaving the old die. That’s what animals do, but not us. And that is why this cluster no longer named friendship, but friendmily. Sometimes we fight like a friend, but we always love like a family. And when there’s one of us gone, everything won’t ever be the same.

(p.s: dedicated to Miranti Verdiana, Rani Tandiono, Vina Andrimulya Kusno, Regina Cecilia, Renoldius Hosen, Christian Wibisono, Eveline Sutanto, Amelia Yosephine, Michelle Ines, Rendy Halim, Kevin Daryanto Wibowo, Pieter Adiguna, Ricko Putra Sanjaya, Marcella Caroline, Yosef T. B. Sianipar, David Jonathan Susanto, Sri Devi Fortuna, Venno Putra)

p.p.s: and hey Marcella Caroline has a gorgeous fashion blog, check this out footloose & fancyfree!


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