Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Footloose | For the good things in life

Today, let me introduce you guys to something very good.

Footloose inspired by the effortless street style. It's more than just a statement, it's a way of life, it's a philosophy. Dance faster. Sing louder. Jump higher. Life is beautiful. For the good things in life that goes forgotten, we stand!

First Season | Available size S M L XL | Good Things in Life | IDR 139.000
Story behind #GoodThingsinLife design:
Based on our concept, we bringing up the philosophy of the good things in life that goes forgotten.

First Season | Available size S M L XL | Philosophy of Happiness | IDR 139.000
Story behind #PhilosophyofHappiness design:
Who wants to drink a warm beer? No one! Just like us, we need to chill to enjoy our life!

First Season | Available size S M L XL | Dear Government, | IDR 139.000
Story behind #DearGovernment, design:
Our critics to current government. The "," expressed too many things we expect from them.

Enjoy Footloose for the good things in life.
We offer free shipping to Jakarta and Bandung for every online purchase. Our first season only available in limited quantity. Grab one now!

Size Chart:
S 46 x 68
M 50 x 70
L 53 x 74
XL 57 x 76
(all measured in CM)

Text | +6282 116 688 533
BB   | 26999DB2
And please kindly like our facebook page through this link: Footloose Inc.

Overexposed. Pfffttt!

So last friday i watched Maroon5 concert and as you know from my last post, it was awesome. It just felt like my playlist did come true. All of 'em, Payphone, One More Night, Daylight, The Man Who Never Lied and all.. It was getting good when they sang also the old songs like Sunday Morning, Makes Me Wonder, She will be Loved (OH MY GOOOOOODDD) and This Love as their very first single (GOSHHH)! The crowd was just so awesome and burned my mood!

They all are such a great performer, Adam Levine himself is a genius. No doubt. He sang and kept singing all night long without getting thick. All of their songs have magical power to me. It was funny knowing that whenever bunch of teenages screamed "Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar" like very loud, i screamed that too in my heart....only it just got out as "WOOHOOO" instead. But the most surprising part was when i heard one teenage girl said this to her friend  "i want Adam to fuck me!", i was like.....okay.....epic..

Hahhh, just still remember that time.. Hope many of you were watching that too so you can feel my feeling. You must have a GOOD GOOD TIME.

A moment before Moves Like Jagger -the closing song.
Adam: Do you want it?
Crowd: Yeahhh!!
Adam: How bad do you want it?
(#?*# Adam oh Adam...??!#)

Still feel the beat, still MOVES LIKE JAGGER.

Last Friday was the happiest day of my life for I was watching Maroon5 concert at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. It was just so awesome as i predicted. Adam and the band gave all their heart out! The performance was not weakening at all, at every song. The light effect, the sound system, the ambience, it was just so perfect. Of course Adam Levine is a total handsome and beauty, so does his voice, sexy and all..! One word: AWESOME. I was just so happy, you can look my very happy face at the end of the Maroon's pictures, haha!

-thanks Maroon5 for giving me such a night and rhythm. alice-


(what you may think about love is maybe just as close as what you may think about friendship. just like i did.)

Kikin buat gw itu seperti sahabat dengan rasa cinta yang lain. Makin lama pacaran sama dia, gw makin sering menemukan hal dari dia yang gw banget dan itu rasanya kayak finally lo menemukan orang yang ngerti hal yang lo omongin seminim apa pun lo mencoba menjelaskannya. That finally somebody got your point and kinda agree!

Kikin itu orang yang sederhana dan baik. Dia itu orang tersabar yang pernah nge-handle gw. Yang selalu bikin gw tersentuh itu fact di mana he always try his best to make me happy. It’s weird that somebody could do that for you, that love could trigger someone to do such things. Gw selalu bisa merasakan itu, hal-hal kecil dan besar yang dia lakukan hanya untuk berusaha membuat gw bahagia. Tiap inget dia, di dada gw rasanya kayak ada uap yang memenuhi seluruh rongga dada dan bikin gw pingin memejamkan mata sambil senyum, and that’s all.

Kikin udah mengajarkan banyak hal buat gw, dia bikin gw mempercayai kembali banyak hal yang tadinya gw pikir nggak ada. Dia membuat gw menjadi seorang perempuan, yang lembut dan ngga seharusnya that cynical and sceptical about everything, about life. Life is still life which is hard but life also has its beauty and it will always have. Tentang cinta. Tentang kebahagiaan. Bahwa mereka semua ada di dunia.

Tapi yang paling bikin gw merasa super enjoy dengan hubungan ini adalah bahwa kita basically are friend you know. Gw ngobrol sama dia layaknya lo ngobrol sama best buddy lo. Kita ngobrolin banyak hal, topik-topik seru yang enak diobrolin sambil minum apa kek di cafe, jauh di luar topik cinta melulu. Dan pasti dong hal yang bikin lo bisa sahabatan enak sama sahabat lo adalah karena pas ngobrol kalian ngerasa cocok kan? Sama sih. Kita tu cocok banget kalo ngobrol. Parah. Selera kita basically sama walaupun ada beberapa lagu yang gw suka dia nggak dan sebaliknya. Tapi more or less selera kita ya itulah, sama. Jadi kalo ada lagu diputer di radio kita bisa respon bareng-bareng with the exact words: “aku kurang suka deh lagu ini biar pun catchy”. Hahaha.. It was one of the precious moment for me to have somebody that could understand my feeling over a song which i don’t really like but it doesn’t mean that i will never sing that song because yaa gimana lagi it’s catchy and it’s like the whole world singing that song now. Kita suka movies, kita suka dateng ke pameran, lukisan kek, pameran seni kek, kita juga suka teater. Dan tapi kita tetep punya kesukaan yang berbeda atas sesuatu. It makes us feel normal i guess. Gw sangat suka pantai, kikin suka something more advance like more metropolice and everything (dasarrrr)..

Yaa itulah kira-kira, arti kikin buat gw. Emang ga bisa dirangkum dalam beberapa kalimat, gw udah coba biar paragraf terakhirnya lebih dapet, tapi ya emang ga bisa haha.. So, is that enough to may call it love? I don’t know.. Just want to get all of ‘em, all the chit-chat over and over again.. And just want to feel it not overthink it i guess..