Monday, September 19, 2011

lain di mulut lain di hati

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I do believe that as a woman, we all are beautiful. We have the ability to inspire the environment with our tenderness. And not only by that, because from the era of Kartini, we found the new word that is “emancipation”. So, now women also have the ability to speak up their thoughts and reach out their dreams. And there are so many examples of a woman who has been on the top of her successes and inspires the world. So, it’s a must that we should thanking Kartini for made the opportunity happened. But on behalf of that, do you realise that the term of emancipation also brings a very big responsibility to all Indonesian women? Have you noticed that our environment expects us –women– to be a good mother in raising our children and also being an independent woman in the term of financial to support the rest of our parents' life and maybe for all the members of the family. Compare to the expectation of our environment from a man. Do you have a brother? Well, only if you have, ask yourself, do you ever see your mother asks him to learn how to cook well or how to use a needle? She must ask your brother to have a good pattern in his career life. While from you, she asks for both. Well, it doesn’t mean that so we should blame on Kartini. We should keep thanking her for raised up women’s dignity. Because from this fact and by a lot of examples of women alive and success in both area, we know now that nothing is really impossible for us; for women.

By all means, that’s not what I actually want to share about. On top of that, I want to ask all of you to think about something. Why do you think there are some women who would keep saying this “I better get foods to eat than a flower which will be withered on the next day” or this “I’ll be happier to get bank account than a flower which will be decayed on the next morning”? Don’t you think that’s just a way to be different from other women? Do you think they really don’t want to get one sweet bouquet from their lover on their birthday, anniversary or maybe graduation? Well, to be honest, I don’t think so. And so, the only thing I want to suggest is just don’t make your tough life any harder by ignoring what you do really want, girls. I know that sometimes it is our nature to be “lain di mulut, lain di hati”, but don’t we should try to be as simple as man but still elegant as who we are? Don’t you think that that would be easier for us? Yep, I know you do J And by the way, we deserve for many roses and yet we’re still more beautiful than all of them.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

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