Thursday, August 11, 2011 by trully inspiring indonesian youngster

So, here i am, in a big cold room, trying to figure out what would i really do exactly in the end of the month -maybe? Get me a topic please, somebody, cause i'm only an inch into the crazinness of doing nothing but reading manuals. You can see my note book and you'll find everything about poets and a writing of the name "chuckanucka" and some drawings of clothes and flowers.

So, how are you people? Still alive, huh? Let's discuss something interesting here, like nasionalism. Haha, i don't know, i hope it's interesting enough for you guys.

How much do you love your country? And since i live in Indonesia, i'll just ask you, how much do you adore The Republic of Indonesia? I don't adore it much, even i want to. Well, i hope it's just me. What i see is the people of Indonesia, especially the youth, are very evolving, really. Like i've ever said before, there are so many great artists and entrepreneurs of Indonesian youngster, and they are brilliant people. What i don't see is the connection between their intension and success with the country itself. Well, what should i say? I'm just trying to be honest.

But, but for every of you who do not feel the same way with me, instead, you feel that the connection is pretty strong, please don't change your mind. Someday i hope i will finally come at your place, that is loving Indonesia.

And for all of you, please make a time and go to this very beautiful mind Pandji Pragiwaksono, trust me you'll get inspired. And have you heard about That is a book written by Pandji, which contains, well you can guess right, by the title? You can either download the e-book for free here or here Enjoy!

Cheers! and wish me lot of lucks.

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