Sunday, December 4, 2011

indonesian young people

Right now, i really want to talk about Indonesia, my beautiful country. A half year ago, i wont put the word beautiful in front of that 'country' word, i wont even think about Indonesia. Vice versa with my boyfriend who is very passionate about Indonesia. I once remembered he asked me "What reason makes you do not love Indonesia? While you asked me about the reason why i love it, let me ask you why you do not?" And then he continued "It has so may beautiful place. It has Bali, the place you always adore right? Dont you remember that is part of Indonesia? It has so many islands you really want to visit remember? Where do you think those islands are?". Then i took one night to think about it, one night that my boyfriend himself might do not realise. And here i am now, many step ahead from i am before. Sometimes i still feel weird about myself everytime -without conscious- i found myself talking about how great Indonesia is. I feel weird when i was really really sad when my country didnt win the SEA Games soccer match defeating Malaysia, and yet it still felt sad everytime i take a time to remember that loss.

So now here, i am about talking INDONESIA.

Well i do not know it much. But as long as i know, it has tons of great young people. There was Jakarta Fashion Week being held recently. Do you know that some of the entrants, including the designers were only on my age -21-25 approximately? Do you know that some of the owners of brand like Tosavica which has store at Grand Indonesia were also on my age? Do you know how many gold medal Indonesia got from its young athletes in last SEA Games? On the 10th day, Indonesia already got 155 gold medals. Can you still say that everything is wrong in here? NO, ITS NOT! If some of you say yes instead, i really hope you already has contributed an or some achievements to this country.

It is the time for Indonesia to shine for God's sake. And it is the time for its young people to help it shine. It is the time for people in our age to contribute big. It is the time for us to create not use. It is the time for us to not only speak but do what we speak. It is our time, it is our momentum. It is your time to do what you like and be the best on that. Pilot, runner, astronaut are also a job, its not only being a singer, doctor, or businessman that you can dreaming about. Be good be good, be big be big. DREAM HIGH.

Send lots of love from here..

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