Sunday, March 8, 2015

- Predictably Irrational

1. Doesn't it scare you, how in one snap, one second, people can change their mind? How in fact, people are predictably irrational and thus it makes their acts, their decisions, their responses, their reactions are inconsistent, are subjective and depending on too much variables with limited knowledge.

2. And yet, we are born as individual and social being which makes us sometimes, on certain conditions, to certain people, dependent.

3. Although, growing up as adults, we are becoming more and more aware of the fact that we should never depend on anyone but ourselves, that we cannot put our happiness on anybody’s hands but ours. Because it will make us irresponsible, to ourselves.

4. But on that condition, to that people, we are devoted, we glued ourselves.

5. Until one day, like any other day, we unconsciously blink, and these people are gone. They change their minds. One day they love, one day they are not. Predictably irrational.

6. Maybe that’s what marriage is for. To make it all less scary. Love, love is another thing. It’s like how man can separate sex from love. Love and marriage; they are apples and oranges.