Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring me the kids, Friday..

Hi, people. First of all, let me congratulate HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1432 H to every moslem of the world. Be joyful!

I'm just wondering, what have you done for the poor? You see, it's so painful for me watching the kids on the street. Do you think someday i can build a house for them? Do you think it's possible for me and you being together back to back to help them? I want to see them smile and wearing clean clothes. I want to make them play, either robot or barbie, not on the bridge nor on the street. Just play as a kid.

So, what will you do? I've got my plan which i like to share when i done do that. Friday, let's see on Friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another new :D

I've bought this noche and there's no regret for every ounce of it. BIG SMILE.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new life - new post - new beginning

The fact is that actually i am a really homebody (do i say it right?) person. I enjoy myself when i'm all alone at my room. I can spend 48 hours without going out of it, only listening to music, watching television and DVDs, cuddling on my pillow, and write. It's pacifying you know :D

And by this habit, i reject some of invitations to hang out with friends quite often, and yes sometimes i regret it. What do you know about regrets? Do you have much of it? I have one from my childhood, that is when i said no when my mom push me to get to a piano course, stupid me!

And so, i don't feel much of regrets in my life, cause i believe everything's happened with a reason. Instead, i feel kinda blessed, because i already make a couple of friends -friends from office- here at Jakarta. One of them is a barbarian girl, hahaha, but she's so pretty i'm telling you. Hi there, oddie :D

And also there's this one chubby friend who asked my opinion about my last post talked about cheating. He confirmed that he saw lets say unfairness to men about this cheating stuff. He asked me why is that if the man did the cheat everyone would say that the man is a jerk, while the woman did the cheat everyone would likely to say that the man couldn't make the woman happy till she had to cheat. Hahaha, it's kinda right actually i think. Sorry, boys!

Well, for me, that makes everything becomes fair right? Here, let me ask you back, why is that if there is a man who did so much sex everyone keeps calling him cool, while there's a girl do it as many as him everyone would call her a bitch? It's all about stereotype and it is a heritage, so just eat it and don't take it too personally and you'll be just fine.

Greetings from here to every monkey's reading. Xxx.

Friday, August 12, 2011

graduation we can

c a s u a l

Banyak orang ga bisa bedain sesuatu. Ga bisa bedain mana yang bisa di-judge explicitly sebagai "right" or "wrong" dan mana yang more complex than just between right and wrong. Banyak yang ga bisa bedain kritis sama pesimis; bedain iri dan kagum. Boleh ga sih kalo gw bilang ini sebagai penyakit? Soalnya orang yang ga bisa bedain hijau dan kuning dibilang sakit buta warna parsial. Dan ga ada yang bakal bilang itu ga bahaya, soalnya jelas bahaya kalo lo ga bisa bedain warna traffic light, man.
Sama, ga bisa bedain mana masalah yang bisa diselesaiin pake right and wrong method dan mana yang ga bisa juga bahaya.

Bunuh orang itu jelas salah, no matter what the motive would be. Buat kasus ini cuma ada satu exception buat gw, yaitu kalo orang yang lo bunuh berusaha bunuh (dan atau) memperkosa lo atau orang di sekeliling lo. Selebihnya, man, bukan hak lo sama sekali buat matiin kesempatan seseorang buat hidup, even euthanasia -i'm in the con side.

Gimana kalo selingkuh? Denger katanya aja langsung lebih kompleks kan hal-hal yang berseliweran di otak lo? Option-nya bisa jadi lebih banyak; nih:
- Selingkuh karena pasangan yang payah, in so many ways
- Selingkuh karena kitanya yang banyak mau
- Selingkuh karena keadaan
- .......................................
- etc.
It's absolutely on the grey area.

Nah, bahayanya di mana kalo kita ga bisa bedain dua kasus di atas? Kalo lo mentok di only between right or wrong, bakal susah deh buat lo ngeluarin kata 'maaf'. Kalo dulu gw pernah nulis tentang 'how to apologize', sekarang lebih tentang 'how to forgive'. Try to put yourself in other's shoes. Bisa aja istri lo selingkuh karena bener-bener ga dapet your manhood that you should give actually, cause women need that. Terus lo ga mau maafin dia no matter how she'd been apologize to you, walaupun kalo mau diliat lagi sebenernya lo juga menyumbang alasan buat istri lo selingkuh. Man, ada kemungkinan selamanya lo ga bakal happy karena ga maafin orang yang lo sayang. Inget ya, gw bilang ga bakal happy karena lo ga maafin orang yang lo sayang, bukan karena lo ga bisa bareng-bareng atau sayang-sayangan lagi sama istri lo, karena seperti yang selalu gw percaya, we can't put happiness in other's feet. But, simply lo ga bisa seneng karena hati lo ga tenang for not forgiving. And not being happy while you live is a so much danger right, don't you think?

extension: karena gw sempet sebut iri vs kagum, sekalian deh bahas dikit. sebenernya hal-hal negatif tu bisa banget dirubah jadi hal-hal yang lebih positif. kenapa? soalnya, back to the very basic way, sesuatu bisa jadi positif ya karena ada sesuatu yang negatif and vice versa. jadi, coba deh, kalo lo lagi iri sama seseorang (btw, it is a natural thing anyway) ubah sudut pandangnya. coba buat ikhlas dan terima kalo orang itu 'lebih' dari kita. gw ga mau muluk-muluk bilang jadiin orang itu sebagai sesuatu yang memacu lo buat do something more, gw cuma pingin ingetin kalo rasa-rasa yang kayak gitu ga bakal bawa lo kemana-mana, instead, ke-iri-an lo bakal bring you down. jadi ya buat apa?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haru Menggantung Biru

Hari ini aku kelabu
Kelabu menggantung biru
Biru pun haru
Melihatku menatap rindu
Kalau kamu jadi aku
Apa kamu juga kan ragu?
Atau terus melaju maju? by trully inspiring indonesian youngster

So, here i am, in a big cold room, trying to figure out what would i really do exactly in the end of the month -maybe? Get me a topic please, somebody, cause i'm only an inch into the crazinness of doing nothing but reading manuals. You can see my note book and you'll find everything about poets and a writing of the name "chuckanucka" and some drawings of clothes and flowers.

So, how are you people? Still alive, huh? Let's discuss something interesting here, like nasionalism. Haha, i don't know, i hope it's interesting enough for you guys.

How much do you love your country? And since i live in Indonesia, i'll just ask you, how much do you adore The Republic of Indonesia? I don't adore it much, even i want to. Well, i hope it's just me. What i see is the people of Indonesia, especially the youth, are very evolving, really. Like i've ever said before, there are so many great artists and entrepreneurs of Indonesian youngster, and they are brilliant people. What i don't see is the connection between their intension and success with the country itself. Well, what should i say? I'm just trying to be honest.

But, but for every of you who do not feel the same way with me, instead, you feel that the connection is pretty strong, please don't change your mind. Someday i hope i will finally come at your place, that is loving Indonesia.

And for all of you, please make a time and go to this very beautiful mind Pandji Pragiwaksono, trust me you'll get inspired. And have you heard about That is a book written by Pandji, which contains, well you can guess right, by the title? You can either download the e-book for free here or here Enjoy!

Cheers! and wish me lot of lucks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life will always..

Life will always turn around, no matter how you want to stop and stay. No matter how you want to say enough and just enjoy the goods.

Life will always do what it needs to do, no matter how important what you yourself need to do is. And it will always say what it needs to say, no matter how hard that will be.

Life will always live and take you somewhere else from where you are now. Life will always give you laugh and that's what will make you alive..

So enjoy life, make some fun, do crazy things, and keep your life alive :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

another form of

Apa yang kamu cari? Apa yang membuatmu begitu tak puas? Bukankah matahari juga terbit untukmu? Bukankah angin masih bertiup di sela-sela tengkukmu? Dan bukankah masih bisa kau lihat betapa indah memerah senja itu. Lalu kenapa kamu bersungut? Mengapa tetap engkau merengut? Mengapakah engkau harus beringsut dalam kelut dan tetap saja kamu menumpuk iri?

Apa yang hilang? Apa yang hilang dari hatimu? Karna sesungguhnya aku benar tak tahu apa yang tengah kau cari. Kau bilang “bahagia”. Maka bukan di sana kau akan menemukannya. Bukan di Eropa atau di Australia. Lihat kemari, menengoklah hanya untuk sekejap saja, dan lihatlah aku. Bukankah bibirku tersenyum? Maka cukup berhentilah di sini, di dekatku, dan akan ku bagi senyumku, selalu, berdua, bersama.