Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A point where i cried

This is the first time I cried so bad about something unworthy to be cried about.
This is the first time I felt so injured in my heart.
This is my handwriting and this is my story.
Im not brilliant or something but I know myself well and also love myself well, and it makes me able to do a lot of brilliant things.
And if you though that I am proud of myself, I am. What makes me not to? Or are you not becos youre just…..bad? Well, but I am not bad, because I am not you.

And if you ever once think that my wants to tell the world to please remember their dreams is only a matter of showoff thing, you are wrong. Totally. It is me begging all of you to chase your dream. Why? Because you have no idea how happy I am when I take a time to write, and I want all of you to feel it too. Because it isn’t fair if it is only me. I want all of you to feel proud about yourself to have something that you are really good at. Because it is amazing, because it raised up your confidence. Because it makes you feel as ‘someone’; it makes you feel valuable and useful as a human being. It makes you feel different or unique, not ordinary. Basically, it makes you SPECIAL.

This is why it is all about im telling you..

And if as all you can see from this is still about how arrogant I am, then maybe youre just not born to be a winner.

p.s: thank you for you having a lack of personality, cause it only makes mine looked better.

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