Saturday, September 3, 2011

sharing dolls. sharing smiles.

Friday has been passing by. And i'll share what i've done, not to brag about myself but just so you know that people in our age (before 23) are really can do something about charity. It's not father's mother's activity, it's our's. So you who are doing the same thing with me also can know that you're not alone. So, i'll just share it now :D

At first, it was actually me making a promise to myself that at the time i have some money, i'll spend it to buy new clothes and toys for the waifs or lets just call them children from the street. The mission is only to bring back these kids to become just-kids, not kids-with-jobs-on-the-street. And so, when i did have the money, i went to make it happen. And it happened. I bought 24 kiddy shirts and shorts for boys and girls. The girls got princess and cartoon character print on it, while the boys got famous football team shirts and shorts. Besides, because i'm a girl and i have this nucka as my lovely doll and somehow he's alive for me where i can share a lot of activities with him, so i think it will be good for the children have it too. So, i bought them 12 dolls which are so super cute and lovely :D

And then when i got stopped by traffic lights, i gave the clothes or the dolls to these children. Well, not all of the things have been distributed to the children yet because of some reasons. Ahh, all of you must see their reaction when i gave them the clothes and the dolls. Their smiles, their faces.. It's actually me who really get something, not them. They're angels.

For me, it's silly if you say "it's better not to give when you're not sincere" because if you say so, these children won't get anything from you. It's better you're not sincere but they still can get something from you to help them. Because they have nothing to be waiting for you to be sincere. They have nothing and they can't only wait. Because they're hungry and dirty and they can't wait. Because they're sick and they can't only wait for us to be sincere to help..

And again, it's actually us who will get something, not them.. Feel their smile and you'll be full of joy.

Keep smiling, people.

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  1. ya, ampun.. kok kita bisa sama? beberapa waktu lalu aku juga beri beberapa anak boneka dan selimut karena aku pikir dijalanan mereka pasti butuh sesuatu untuk dipeluk :)
    nice, alice! :))