Monday, March 7, 2011

Why I Write

For now, I will tell you all why I started writing on blog. For so many times, I was dreaming about becoming a writer. But like a coward usually did, what following my dream is the fear, even when actually I wasn't doing anything yet to be feared of. And then, one day, when I was at the book store with my ex, I found one catchy novel cover and started to read the synopsis behind it. I know exactly that I will buy it, and I did. That novel was been entitled Waktu Aku Sama Mika (When I Was With Mika -red), written by Indi. The novel was made like it was the diary of the writer, that was the concept. And, I can't explain it clearly, but Waktu Aku Sama Mika was really touched me. The most awesome from the awesomeness. It's not because of the story was extraordinary, or because of the writer has a scoliosis, or her ex was a person with Aids; it's only because the words. Indi has such a very beautiful words, she brought me deeply into her writing. I cried when I should cry, I laugh when I've supposed to laugh, I was happy when I read it, no matter for how many times I've read. And yeah, Indi has a blog; that was the time I decided to have this blog. And actually I'm so happy I'm having it, it's just like having a pet, kinda. I feel like I have a friend that I have to update with my story or thoughts, friend that I should taking care of. Well, thank you so much, Indi, for sharing me the courage.

Anyway, Indi has published her second novel, titled Karena Cinta Itu Sempurna (Because Love is Perfect -red), and I've bought it last Friday :)

Visit Indi's blog:


  1. alice, terima kasih ya. aku terharu, tersanjung, speechless :') God bless you, aku suka tulisan2mu :)

  2. Ohh, please don't say that. I'm the one who was supposed to be grateful to find your writing :)