Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello, monkeys! Long time no see huh? It’s been a very bery long time for me myself. Missing my blog a lot, missing writing like damn. It’s been a busy season for me at office, but I still got my time to go to beach though, hehe.. I’ve been from Karimun Jawa, a wonderful beach at Central Java. The water is crystal clear. I saw fishes and other beauty in the depth of Karimun’s Ocean. So colorful and pretty. And in the next 6 days, I’ll be at Bali, but for work, sigh.. But it’s okay, at least I could get to enjoy Bali at night or at the very night, meh.. But it’s still okay, compare to what my eyes could only enjoy at Jakarta, which is TRAFFIC!

Recently, I was feeling like the world is pushing me to be not me, like I have to be more this and more that. Especially in my working life. But eventually, me is just me, the one who never gets enough of green and grass, blues and wind-blows. The one who will always stealing time to get some loneliness and peace. The one who will get an empty space to write with a glass of something sweet or bitter. The one who will always enjoy meeting new people, chat, laugh and get to know each other’s mind. The one who will look for a crowd some or many times. The one who will make a way for a beach. And it's like no matter how the world is pushing you, you can only be you. I could pretend sometimes, but no, that's too tiring for me. Well, that's me I guess. As clear as the dark night sky, it's clear but you still can't count the stars easily though. And for what it's worth, I won't change myself I think. I'm in love with her already.

How about you, monk? Isn’t life beautiful there too?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Footloose | For the good things in life

Today, let me introduce you guys to something very good.

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Overexposed. Pfffttt!

So last friday i watched Maroon5 concert and as you know from my last post, it was awesome. It just felt like my playlist did come true. All of 'em, Payphone, One More Night, Daylight, The Man Who Never Lied and all.. It was getting good when they sang also the old songs like Sunday Morning, Makes Me Wonder, She will be Loved (OH MY GOOOOOODDD) and This Love as their very first single (GOSHHH)! The crowd was just so awesome and burned my mood!

They all are such a great performer, Adam Levine himself is a genius. No doubt. He sang and kept singing all night long without getting thick. All of their songs have magical power to me. It was funny knowing that whenever bunch of teenages screamed "Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar" like very loud, i screamed that too in my heart....only it just got out as "WOOHOOO" instead. But the most surprising part was when i heard one teenage girl said this to her friend  "i want Adam to fuck me!", i was like.....okay.....epic..

Hahhh, just still remember that time.. Hope many of you were watching that too so you can feel my feeling. You must have a GOOD GOOD TIME.

A moment before Moves Like Jagger -the closing song.
Adam: Do you want it?
Crowd: Yeahhh!!
Adam: How bad do you want it?
(#?*# Adam oh Adam...??!#)

Still feel the beat, still MOVES LIKE JAGGER.

Last Friday was the happiest day of my life for I was watching Maroon5 concert at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. It was just so awesome as i predicted. Adam and the band gave all their heart out! The performance was not weakening at all, at every song. The light effect, the sound system, the ambience, it was just so perfect. Of course Adam Levine is a total handsome and beauty, so does his voice, sexy and all..! One word: AWESOME. I was just so happy, you can look my very happy face at the end of the Maroon's pictures, haha!

-thanks Maroon5 for giving me such a night and rhythm. alice-


(what you may think about love is maybe just as close as what you may think about friendship. just like i did.)

Kikin buat gw itu seperti sahabat dengan rasa cinta yang lain. Makin lama pacaran sama dia, gw makin sering menemukan hal dari dia yang gw banget dan itu rasanya kayak finally lo menemukan orang yang ngerti hal yang lo omongin seminim apa pun lo mencoba menjelaskannya. That finally somebody got your point and kinda agree!

Kikin itu orang yang sederhana dan baik. Dia itu orang tersabar yang pernah nge-handle gw. Yang selalu bikin gw tersentuh itu fact di mana he always try his best to make me happy. It’s weird that somebody could do that for you, that love could trigger someone to do such things. Gw selalu bisa merasakan itu, hal-hal kecil dan besar yang dia lakukan hanya untuk berusaha membuat gw bahagia. Tiap inget dia, di dada gw rasanya kayak ada uap yang memenuhi seluruh rongga dada dan bikin gw pingin memejamkan mata sambil senyum, and that’s all.

Kikin udah mengajarkan banyak hal buat gw, dia bikin gw mempercayai kembali banyak hal yang tadinya gw pikir nggak ada. Dia membuat gw menjadi seorang perempuan, yang lembut dan ngga seharusnya that cynical and sceptical about everything, about life. Life is still life which is hard but life also has its beauty and it will always have. Tentang cinta. Tentang kebahagiaan. Bahwa mereka semua ada di dunia.

Tapi yang paling bikin gw merasa super enjoy dengan hubungan ini adalah bahwa kita basically are friend you know. Gw ngobrol sama dia layaknya lo ngobrol sama best buddy lo. Kita ngobrolin banyak hal, topik-topik seru yang enak diobrolin sambil minum apa kek di cafe, jauh di luar topik cinta melulu. Dan pasti dong hal yang bikin lo bisa sahabatan enak sama sahabat lo adalah karena pas ngobrol kalian ngerasa cocok kan? Sama sih. Kita tu cocok banget kalo ngobrol. Parah. Selera kita basically sama walaupun ada beberapa lagu yang gw suka dia nggak dan sebaliknya. Tapi more or less selera kita ya itulah, sama. Jadi kalo ada lagu diputer di radio kita bisa respon bareng-bareng with the exact words: “aku kurang suka deh lagu ini biar pun catchy”. Hahaha.. It was one of the precious moment for me to have somebody that could understand my feeling over a song which i don’t really like but it doesn’t mean that i will never sing that song because yaa gimana lagi it’s catchy and it’s like the whole world singing that song now. Kita suka movies, kita suka dateng ke pameran, lukisan kek, pameran seni kek, kita juga suka teater. Dan tapi kita tetep punya kesukaan yang berbeda atas sesuatu. It makes us feel normal i guess. Gw sangat suka pantai, kikin suka something more advance like more metropolice and everything (dasarrrr)..

Yaa itulah kira-kira, arti kikin buat gw. Emang ga bisa dirangkum dalam beberapa kalimat, gw udah coba biar paragraf terakhirnya lebih dapet, tapi ya emang ga bisa haha.. So, is that enough to may call it love? I don’t know.. Just want to get all of ‘em, all the chit-chat over and over again.. And just want to feel it not overthink it i guess..


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ku kumpulkan laguku di tengah sepiku

Ruangan ini adalah bukti bahwa aku pernah sendiri. Bukti bahwa aku pernah menangis. Bahwa aku takut akan banyak hal.
Tangis ini adalah jeritan hati. Jerit diam yang tak terbaca kelam. Isak hati karna sepi.
Takut ini adalah ragaku yang tak terbiasa tanpamu. Takut kehilanganmu. Takut sendiri.
Aku sendiri.

Ketika malam datang dan kau terasa jauh, aku meringkuk dalam diam ditemani gemerlap malam. Ku rasa aku menyakitimu, jauh ke dalam hatimu, lalu ku merasa jauh, hilang dan semakin jauh darimu..

Ku di sini
Memandang langit
Mencoba mengingatmu
Mencoba kembali merasa
Kala itu
Kala hati mencintamu

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tak hanya hingar. Tak saja bingar.

Dalam diam ku temukan gerlap malam
Dalam debur ku dengar riak ombak
Dalam ria ku bahagia
Dalam hening ku berdamai dengan alam
Kala sepi ku tersenyum
Kala riuh ku mengulum

Tak hanya hingar
Tak saja bingar
Namun juga tenang
Pun jua lengang
Ku lihat rona bahagia
Ku sapa sejuk suasana

Hai malam
Hai bintang
Aku di sini
Terkagum memandang
Kau di sana
Menyapa mengundang

Hai malam
Hai bintang
Aku di sini berdiam
Kau di sana tenggelam
Aku pulang dulu
Sampai jumpa esok lagi

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Berimajinasi Mimpi

Imajinasi. Satu benda, tak terjamah, tak bernama. Tapi terasa begitu benar, begitu nyata. Imajinasi bisa jadi apa saja. Imajinasiku, imajinasimu, imajinasi mereka. Semua tak perlu sama. Ada manusia yang tak paham dengan imajinasi manusia lainnya. Bahkan ada yang belum paham dengan imajinasinya sendiri. Lalu ada juga manusia yang entah bagaimana bisa membantu manusia lainnya untuk melihat imajinasi mereka menjadi lebih dekat. Seorang pendongeng melihat mimpinya melalui ilustrasi seorang pelukis. Seorang perancang melihatnya melalui tangan seorang penjahit. Dan mungkin aku dan mimpiku melalui kamu.

Penari, pelukis, pemikir, penemu dan semua penghasil seni dan karya lainnya adalah bukti nyata bahwa mimpi itu ada. Bukti bahwa bermimpi itu bukan sia-sia. Mungkin aku tak pernah tahu rasanya dikekang menjadi seseorang. Rasanya dilarang untuk menjadi penulis, aku tak pernah tahu. Tapi aku jamin, minimal rasanya akan seperti punya tangan lalu dipelintir ke arah yang tak beraturan, atau lebih dari itu.

Setiap orang pasti punya sesuatu yang mereka percayai. Setiap orang juga pasti punya sesuatu untuk dicintai. Para penari pada gerakan, pelukis pada coretan, penulis pada guratan, penemu pada ilmu pengetahuan dan mungkin seorang ekonom pada sistem keuangan. Mereka dengan masing-masing hal yang mereka impikan. Mereka berkhayal bahwa suatu saat nanti orang lain akan turut percaya pada hal yang mereka citakan. Bahwa orang lain akan turut menyaksikan keindahan yang mereka lihat dari hal yang mereka cintakan. Dari situlah mereka mendapat kekuatan dan keberanian untuk memperjuangkan hal yang mereka bela. Hal yang mereka pikir mereka sungguh bagus dalam melakukannya.

Seberapa pun kita berusaha mengingkari, kita tidak akan pernah bisa lari jauh dari diri sendiri. Kita tetaplah kita. Kita adalah kita. Pada akhirnya kita akan tahu bahwa realita tidak seharusnya membunuh mimpi. Karna realita tak mungkin membunuh kita. Dan mimpi itulah kita. Kita adalah mimpi itu. Seorang penari bukanlah penari tanpa impiannya untuk bergerak, meloncat dan menari. Seorang pelukis bukanlah pelukis tanpa mimpinya untuk menuang cat dalam warna. Seorang penulis tak akan sampai pada tujuannya menjadi penulis tanpa khayalan dan puisi-puisi malamnya. Maka realita benar-benar tak seharusnya membunuh mimpi. Kita semua harus menemukan cara untuk membuat mimpi suatu saat menjadi realita. Mimpi menjadi nyata.

Di saat semua terasa begitu berat dan melambat, Tuhan akan mempertemukan kita dengan mata yang lain. Pendongeng melalui mata seorang pelukis. Penulis melalui alunan nada para musisi. Dan aku melalui kamu. Maka topik seputar mimpi tak kan pernah habis dibahas asa. Karna akan terus ada seorang penari yang akhirnya menjadi penari. Seorang pelukis yang menjadi pelukis. Dan mimpiku terasa lebih dekat. Begitu benar. Mimpi menjadi nyata.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parent's Ownership

As cliche as it will sound, i would just say that when you are finally getting sick, you just will appreciate more of your health. That's what i feel recently. Because when i was sick the other days, i missed out many things. I missed hanging out with colleagues, friends and family. I was not able to say many things because of my condition and also the mood swing. I barely couldn't even tweet that Adam Levine is a genius to write such songs in Maroon's new album: Overexposed. But then, right after i was in the mood of talking again, i woke up my body and wrote down my mind.

I had time to think about parental-hood we have here in Indonesia or maybe Asia versus parenting method they have there at the west side of the globe. I was wondering why in here, the feeling of ownership from parents to their children are so big. Sometimes i feel that as children we are like belong to our parents, while in my opinion when a child was born, he/she is already a human, a pure independent human who is belong only to his/herself. A parent should only be a facilitator. A parent is just another human being, not an owner. A parent is a helper. Is a guider, an angel yes, because they are a truly kind persons who are willing to do anything to make us children happy. But still, not an owner. An Asian mom no need to necessarily picked out a dress for her 19 years daughter or a spectacle frame for her 23 years daughter. There's no such thing as a reason for those kind of things to be worth to fight about. It's not like picking a university or something. It's a frame and skirt!

It makes me think how different eastern and western are. In everything. In how we think, how we act, how we spend times. Recently i just knew from my friend who was just back from his secondment at Adelaide that his clients there consider auditor as a friend. Somebody their company paid to make their company a better place. So they don't need to hide some weaknesses or findings. Meanwhile, here, people think that auditors are bunch of people they should hide their company's flaws from. So basically we are paid to do nothing since they hide 'em. Amin to that. Free lunch it is.

So i keep on thinking about the very first person who lived at east and who stayed at west. What did they do exactly to make such a difference? Did the landscape here was more harmful that the people should protect their children with more caution and end up with all the over-protective action? Because as we know, American teenagers are forced to leave home by their parents once they hit 16. And i guess they can plan their marriage in all kind of concept they prefer, whether they want it small, big, in the ballroom or outside the structure.

So why? Give me an answer for God's sake..