Monday, April 30, 2012

wonder if..

sometimes i wonder if we never found this love, what would we become? if we never took the way we were taking now, would i still believe in love? if we never met, how not-special myself would be by now? if we're never been together, would we understand the feeling of every lyric in every love song? if we never tried, will we understand love? if we never let each other in, then will we understand happiness? if our path were never crossed to each other, could i breathe exactly the same like i breathe now? if we never fell into love, what smile could i have now? if we never kissed, if we never hugged, would i understand the feeling of being loved, the sense of security? if we never existed, will there still be a happy ending? and if you were never been you, would i be me?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

me and Saturday

as Saturday came, lets date it.
lets rise early and sip a cup of coffee..
then we could have a morning talk..
after a long a-to-z, we must be hungry,
so we could go down the road and grab as
many rice as we like..
and when we were craving for sweetness,
this is what we could get. Cassata Siciliana
ice cream with a perfect taste..
well, to whenever our feet took the steps, cheers!

for what we called life, lets give it some enjoyment.
hello us..
(up left, up right, down left, down right)
-vina, rani, miranti and me

Thursday, April 26, 2012

dont stop | yeah, i stop

hello night. just show up a moment to give a short thought of mine so there will be no misleading or anything else here. so, for so many times i talked about dreams and love. even dreams and love are still have a "but" for me. both of those are things that are worth to be fought for, ( it comes) but still, we cant be selfish about it. for me, if my family feel uncomfortable around my boyfriend, i surely need to take a time and think. i cant just say "this is my life, screw all of you". or if i have this dream to becoming a writer, i cant just keep running to it without thinking about incomes because i have my parents which their whole life was always supporting me, financially and non-financially, and i want to make 'em happy by buying them maybe a ticket to go abroad and just relax. or how about my future family, my future sweety kids? i dont think they should understand that we dont have enough money because we are keep chasing our dream. well you know, by saying this i didnt mean to say the reversal of it. but you should really know when to stop.

so, keep balancing your life, guys. be tough, yet be fun.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

relationship. relationship? relationship!

As you all know, i have a very open relationship. We tell each other everything that we thought our pair (i dont know if the phrase "our pair" sounds so gay or not..?) needs to know, even a fact that we think could hurt him/me. Besides, we are actually also a very open minded person. We do not ban each other from anything and anyone. We strongly believe that this relationship couldnt stop us from being ourselves and from the things we like. And it makes it possible for us to never lie to each other. When one of us say no to something one of us will do, then we could know that that something might be too dark and unsafe for us to do, and then we must choose to not doing that. Thats what usually happened to us. Quite easy right? Yap, this relationship style of us is what really makes me confuse about the lies and everything from another couple. But whatever, if you do happy anyway. But just one thing would never been accepted by me is if someday you make a family and raise a kid with a very ugly view to be remembered and in the middle of a very uncomfortable environment to grow. I will hate all of you who ever have a thought of that but still go to marriage only because you're afraid to take a risk and find somebody else more suit for you to go to a marriage.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

stop. look up. and feel.

 It is what it is. Life is what you have now.
When you look up at the sky and you
realize that it's not always a clear blue sky.
But then you see a free flying birds. Move around
its wings and just live. Then you realize more
that life is anything you can feel grateful for, just
right at this moment when you look up at the sky.
-life is what you have now, enjoy-

Monday, April 23, 2012

interest it is

So many times i took to talk about passion. I thought, maybe the writing is too difficult to be understood. For some of you maybe? And i just thought, why dont i just use the word interest instead of passion.

Maybe my face will bright so much if you ask me to talk about life, love, dream, passion, religion and God, nature and world, but yours maybe not. So what i need you to do is to find your things, your interests that could make your face turns into sweet pink while you talk about it.

Alice Ayu
Hi, it's not the first time i talked about life. Life with its craziness and kindness. Life that happened to me beautifully. But just right now, i am scared of life. And it's not only me apparently. It's surprising that life is scary too for some strong people i know.

Linked to dreams, life becomes scarier. It becomes harder to define whether what we are doing right now is a journey to achieve our dreams that sometimes made us doing something way different with the common one or it's just a denial and a waste of time. But, who knows? Nobody.

And i thought then that life is scary, but so do roller coaster and we could still enjoy it anyway. Life is scary, so do horror movie but many people still watch it anyway. Life is scary but life is life, it's surprising and exciting. Enjoy every sip of it, every up and each down of it. Maybe life wont promise you all that you wanted, but it's worth to try. Just like riding the coaster, there's no guarantee you'll finish it safely but there's no silence from Disneyland.

p.s: meeting you is like Adele making a song. at first, i never thought it would be this wonderful. so lets be scared together, 'cause no matter what, i'll stay.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012





Popsicles. Miracles.

Miracles happened everyday, because i want to think it that way. While i think everything is fine but apparently not, somehow everything got fine by itself. Some of us might think that we are too old for miracles. Miracles happened to children with its purity and believe about santa and fairytales. Miracles happened to a child with a broken heart but then laugh after their cotton candies and lollipops. But adults dont have miracles. Adults deal with complex and complicated things. We deal with credit cards bill, deadline and desperate love. We might think that way. But as Albert Einstein said, There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle, so you decide one.

I dont talk about religion or God, i just talk about miracles. Havent you experienced it? It doesnt has to be a near to death experience until you call it a miracle. Just a daily experience? No? Well, a lot happened to me. There was this task i forgot to do then i started to curse myself because my senior will actually disappoint in me, but when the next day came that task was no need to be performed anymore caused by certain reasons. I count it as miracle.

If you dont believe in it or just dont wanna think yours as a miracle, what should i called the fall-from-10,000-meters-height-but-save incident as? Make a time.....make a time to look one of your miracle :)

Just right from here,
-because miracle happened and dreams do come true-

Monday, April 16, 2012

wear a smile

Falling for someone is the strangest, yet the most beautiful feelings in the world. When you are not so sure about where life will lead your steps, but it's also too wonderful for you to care, so you just step ahead every morning, see what life brings you today. And then life shows you this person. When just the sight of him could brings butterflies near to you. And a piece of his voice could gives you warmth running through your heart. Sometimes, life will allow you to always seeing this person you fell into, but sometimes it doesn't. But it's okay. So do okay if you're about to cry and angry about it. But then you will see another person again and those butterflies will come flying back to you. So, just enjoy it. Live it. Live your life. Because everything is okay. Everything is just perfect.


Friday, April 13, 2012

same jokes around the table

Hello, monkeys!

Recently, i just know that not all couple talking about me-and-K's-things. The knowing was accidentaly happened while i was having a conversation with my colleagues about marriage. Actually we simply just listened to one of us who's already married talking about this marriage thing. Then it came up with me saying that if it's not because i'm living in Indonesia, i must will consider about living together with whoever my future husband will be which probably K and probably not. They asked me why and blah blah blah... At the end, i said that it was sort of thing i usually talked about with my boyfriend. And then they said "what? what a heavy conversation you have with him". It made me think that well me and K are such a lucky person dont you think? We just found each other to talk about something we are interested into. I told K about it, and it made us think then what kind of conversation we had back then with our last boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe that's why those didn't work..

So, what i want to underlined here is, dont be afraid to look for someone who has the same interest with you. Interest in chat, interest in jokes, even interest in movies and songs. I can tell you that that someone is real, existed, out there. I believe you can find them if you are looking for them, unless you have already missed it.

And what i can assure you is that whenever you find that person, you find your happines, for a lifetime.

Happy Friday the 13th, monks!