Friday, February 24, 2012

DANCE FASTER like we're always young!

How do you see the world? I see it wide. I see future inside the world. I see the future wide opens right in front of me. I see options. I see success. It looks bright and fun! Where do you wanna go? What things you want to see? What songs you want to hear? I wanna see ocean. There, I will go. To the dessert also, Africa would be nice. I wanna see a play, to Broadway! Maybe a soccer match, that’s fun. I wanna hear a scream here and there, to amusement park, to Disney Land I’ll go. I want to hear a pray and I want to hear nothing else but Coldplay!

How do you see your life? I see it awesome! I see happiness, I see joy. And sit right there is love, I see love. I see struggle, I see hope. I see one very big dream and I see the same future of when I see the world.

Run, dance, jump, sing loudly! Do things you really can count on when you’re finally old. Go to Paris, get naked in the middle of white white snow and sing! Ask your boy or girl to dance in the middle of crowd or just in the middle of warmth. Dance a lot. Meet your lover, hug them, kiss them anywhere you can, at anywhere you want. Get lost. Go abroad, bring yourself closer to the sky. See the blue of it, drown in it.

And just right there, at one moment, you will look back and smile……with your wrinkled but still the same sweet lips.

For the spirit of DREAM HIGH, cheers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Women's Part

Now, since there’s this person who contacted me and made comment about my writing “Man’s Stupidity”, I just wanna clear something up –because unfortunately this man (or boy? You figure out yourself :D) was used my writing to justify his act in his relationship with his girlfriend which unfortunately I disagree about.

So, there’s also a part where man should take a lead. On “Man’s Stupidity” we talked about something extreme where a man named Denny only had two hours break on one particular week and he chose not to tell his girlfriend and just go play football. What I need to underline here is that I never encourage the girls to disallow their boyfriends to play football in a normal condition. And I also never agree with you, man, who will justify your act of always choose your girlfriend instead of playing something around with your dudes and say that it’s all because you are willing to sacrifice your own enjoyment to fulfill your girlfriend's wants or happiness. It’s not. And you don’t need to do that by the way. There’s this part where the girls also have to understand. (And the man should take the lead as a leader). When I said a woman has a limit to understand, I don’t mean that they don’t need to understand at all. They have to! We have to! And we all –man and woman- have to!

I really really really want to get an opportunity to have a little chit chat with this type of girl, girl who’s spontaneously will say No. I mean, what are you girls afraid of? Physical attraction? Emotional attraction? Well I don’t think you can restrict your boyfriend’s heart. Physical attraction? You are goddamn pretty, Miss. So, I do really want to know what are you afraid of.

Why couple can just be a couple. Simple. They rhyme don’t they? Be it. It’s so much fun!!

p.s: I’ll tell the detail later whats so fun about my relationship :p

Ciao, xoxo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man's Stupidity

I once thought that it simply because man and woman is different. We came from different planet, we have different points of view. We just simply different until the last thing we could do to work things out is to understand each other.

Well, i dont think it that way anymore. I think, for some occasions, man's just stupid. Lets bring out examples!

1. When their girlfriends cheated on them, most men will get a fight and grown so much hates to their girlfriends' lovers. Why? Do their girlfriends not want that relationship too? Oh please, of course they do!

2. Second example. I just found out that sometimes when man says "boys will always be boys", they do not say it with the right meaning. They say it because they're selfish. It began when my boyfriend told me a story about his close friend named Denny. At one working moment, this Denny was very busy, even he had to work on Saturday and Sunday. Then he said to my boyfriend, "if only i could have two hours break, i'll go play football with you", he continued "eventhough my girlfriend will be so sad if she's hearing me now".
Well, it caused a long and heavy discussion to my boyfriend and i.

You, man, i'm telling you, you always say that women are never understand. We're not understand your hobby, your brotherhood bla bla bla. You say that women are always push man to choose, to choose between us and ball, us between your friends, us between online games and so on. But you know what, you guys force us to do that. You make us really cant to understand. I'm trying to tell all of you here, that women have a limit, even a limit to understand. What men dont have is a limit to be boys. You need to be a man sometimes, dont you think guys? A man who has to choose, a man who has to make a choice that sometimes not always about his own happiness. We are talking about a grown ups relationship here, and we are talking about two hours -two hours meeting you might make to happen; we are dealing with feelings, so please have a respect.

And for all of woman in anywhere you might be, dont stop asking why, do not understand if you do not need to. We all deserves for a man and we will find one.

p.s: maybe some of you (man) reading will disagree and just ignore it. that's why i always feel lucky to be with such a man like you, you. at the end of the discussion you said that i could be a women's rights campaigner, well ya maybe i can..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this road without you

Pagi terasa seperti pelangi
Ketika hujan rintik-rintik membasahi
Sudut-sudut hati
Yang tak kunjung sembuh dari sepi
Kalau saja jarak ini tak ada
Menghilang menyesap
Mampukah kau katakan sayang
Sanggupkah kau sampaikan cinta
Kalau saja jarak ini tak ada
Mengabur melenyap
Mampukah kau peluk asa
Tuk puaskan sukma
Lalu kita kan terbang bersama
Mengitari tepi-tepi hari
Berdansa, berbahagia
Berlari, berlari menembus pelangi
Menyambut pagi, melewati malam
Berdua, sambungkan kata cinta
Berdua memandang bintang
Hingga pagi tak lagi datang

p.s: dedicated for every long-distance-relationship-couples. and especially for you, my world.