Saturday, November 2, 2013

A good times to come ;)

Don't you think it's funny, how people act to their life. We consider our problems are hard and others' are simpler and if only we have that problems and not this one, we can solve it. So, should we just switch our problems? Switching life?

I watch people hanging out with their friends and their lovers in quite, talking to their smartphones. And i just sit here, in the very corner of the coffee shop, clicking around over my laptop. A man and another girl are just like me. Talking with their selves, keeping their mind busy with this heavy tablet. I think, just like me, they need to do this to keep them sane. Being alone without being lonely.

My heart is still trying to find happiness without the love i know being around. One by one, these emptiness are gone, and i start to be grateful for what happened. I know that eventually the world will not always give us a hard time. My part is to keep living and prepare myself for the good times to come. Nah, i don't want to switch my life with anybody.

Ciao now.


I have to admit, sometimes i feel like i've been trapped between this age, this body and this disturbing mind. I am 23 now and currently in office i've been friends with boys and girl older than me. I don't know why, but these boys and girl who are finally i can get along with. And maybe two or three of them said that i'm an old girl. My brain sounds older than just twenty-three.

I don't know why, but i feel like it's kinda true. I start to realise that most of the times, when people start to bugging around, complaining about their life, their jobs, their everything, when other people might just have nothing, i just tired. And i start to shut myself from them. Well, you all need to start to realise that we make our l i f e. We make our life and we make it like this, and so if we don't like it, we can just change it instead of complaining over and over again. Some people just stop at "i don't like it" and do not continue to the "changing it to be like that" part. So who should i blame? The world? Oh no. I should blame you. And without doubt or guilty feeling, i will blame you.

Cause everybody has problem and sometimes it is much much bigger than yours and they make it. They live a happy life. And you? Well, if they can, you can. That's always be the basic principal in life, isn't it? And please don't turn yourself into a hater. I'm just sick of it. Whenever you feel like you're about to make unnecessary comment about somebody else, ask yourself, can you do what they do?

So, to sum up, life is a war. Everyday, it is a war. It is a war with yourself and time is ticking. Cause time ain't gonna stop whether you like your life or you're not. So make your time valuable. Use it to enjoy your life, and still if you don't, use it to change your life to become one.


Cinta tanpa suara.

Mungkin kita adalah sepasang kekasih itu. Kekasih hati yang tahu mencintai, tapi tak tahu memiliki. Kekasih yang lebih tau mencintai saat terpisah kata, terpisah rasa. Kekasih yang selalu merasa kurang saat bersama dan selalu bertanya-tanya apakah memang dia adanya. Namun saat peluk tak lagi bisa dijangkau, di situlah hati meyakini satu sama lain.

Atau mungkin memang cerita kita tak berakhir di sini. Akan tiba saatnya kau kembali lalu aku memaki tapi kau kan tetap kembali. Mungkin dari sekian banyak skenario yang bisa ku pikirkan, ini adalah skenario terbaik. Lalu kita kan bersama, beranak cucu berdua. Ku buatkan kau kopi pahitmu setiap pagi dan kau dengarkan celotehku saat kembali dari pengejaran hari.

Namun yang paling mungkin sedang terjadi adalah sebenarnya aku mencintai dan kau tidak. Sesederhana itu. Aku mencintai dan kau tidak. Dan sulit sekali hati mengerti. Sulit ku memahami. Karna lalu buat apa cintaku? Buat apa pedihku? Kenapa harus ada pihak-pihak seperti aku? Lalu ada pihak-pihak seperti kamu. Dan nanti akan ada pihak-pihak seperti dia, yang memenangkan hatimu? Kesedihan ini nyata, senyata rasa cinta yang tak kunjung henti. Senyata harap yang tak segera habis.