Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What A Refresh Saung Jazz

You all know that i am so stressed out about my thesis. Luckily i have friend who knows much about jazz event which held in town. It was David who asked me to accompany him watching the event called Saung Jazz. Actually, I was the one who became so happy by the invitation.

And yeah i really really enjoyed the music. It was so refresh yesterday! So sad i didn't bring anything to capture it, beside my blackberry. So here are all for you, but in a bad bad quality.

Please, ignore my silly eyes! They come with the race!

Padma, Palma, and Portable Charger

Hello hollo :)

I always believe that in life many good things will keep happening and happening and happening. Like things happened to me last weekend. It was superb! My family came to visit, here to Bandung! Waw! We decided to stay at a gorgeous hotel, Padma Hotel. It really served me a well bed, food, view which is a green green grass forest, and unforgettable moment. Thing that made me so happy was because kikin could join us and everything was going super well :)

So many smiles which you can see at the picture below :))

Thank you max to family and kikin for made my weekend!

And you know what, today i celebrate my 10th month anniversary with kikin. And only because he's at Jakarta doesn't mean i can't bring anything for him, hehe. Actually i entrust a portable charger for blackberry to my friend whose the house is near to kikin's. Hopefully he will love my simple gift and my simple wrap!

Love you, people!

A Click Shoot

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spirit booster in a form of human

The thing is, no matter how ups-and-downs your life is, there will always be some sort of people who love you. In my case, here's the list:
1. mama-papa-extraordinary brothers
2. kikin that super caring, understanding, and loving me tenderly
3. rani, oline, miranti, vina -girlfriends who will never die!
4. david, yosef -best from the bestfriends
5. mr. samuel -a male angel for sure
6. mr. singgih that was being my savior this time. mucho gracias, seƱor!
ntep and melissa -lovable housemates

I send every rose which grows on world plus a kiss kiss ;*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Downward Myself

Do you know what's the best thing which can help you keep on your diet (besides of course don't have any money)? I do know! A stress!

I don't remember -since my life has been so perfect lately- when is the last time i feel this way. What can i say about this feelin. Ya, i am on my down down condition, desperately down. It's all because my thesis. It's been so hard you know, since my adviser lecturer suddenly wants to change my topic. I've been on my three-quarter way to finish just right now and suddenly everything is going blur. What do i supposed to say?

Mad doesn't solve anything, neither the cry, yet i still did it. Just please, wish me recover soon and continue doin my best!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Does your home like to be your home?

Hello, fella :) I would like to share a big cherish smile with you all the beautiful people!

First, I will share a simple question. Most of us must love our home, right? Yes yes yes. But, the next level of question is: does our house like to be our home? Ngggggggg.....

Ya, being a home is followed by too many consequences. Usually at the first range of our age, like 4 to 8 we like spending the days and nights at home. The girls talk with their barbie, the boys act like a racer or hero or athlete. At the next age, between 8 and 10, we begin to make some friends. The girls still have their barbie, but instead of playing it at home, they bring their barbie to a friend's home. The boys? Well, boys, every each of you must be on the field playing a ball right? They come home after they tired or when the mom ask them to have dinner. Can you imagine how jealous the home is with the yard and the field and with whatever outside? ;(

Lets see what happened when we grow up big into 10 until 15. The girls do a so-long-time-gossip at school and the boys, well still the same i guess -playing a ball and ball and some balls. Let me fast forward and see what happened at age between 15 and 18. Most of us must have our super awesome senior high school season! Say yes! We go crazy and sillier everyday. We eat and grow tall. We learn many things and we TIRED. The only part we see from the home is the bed! Ohh, poor the home. It must be want to be the ball and the mall, or at least the school canteen. Skip to the age between 20 and 22. Suddenly we're not see the home at all, maybe for a day, two days, or a week. We do what people said 'self actualization (or whatever it said)' a lot. Too bad, too much sadness and so much longing must've been felt by the home. We only meet it when we feel so tired and need a rest. "It must be nice for being any place where can be visited by you while you're still in a full energy, not in a weak and low volume of voice", said Home.

Being home is sucks, i don't like it. But i can't stop anyone for being adult and leave the home sometimes to go to reach their sky. So, maybe i'll just decorate myself and be the greatest home ever and wait you share a star with me when finally you grip the sky.

sama beda, dua bernoda

Kalau aku bisa bertahan dari jenuhnya hari
Maka mungkin aku punya cinta
Kalau aku bisa tertawa dalam sepinya malam
Mungkin cinta itu benar ada
Kalau aku berhasil menahan semua kerinduan
Demi satu pertemuan yang entah kapan
Mungkin keajaiban itu nyata
Kalau aku mau sedikit saja mengerti dan berubah
Maka semua hanya karena cinta

Tapi tengoklah ke sini sebentar saja
Yakinkan aku bahwa cintamu bukan puisi
Lihat mataku
Sayu penuh air mata
Pergeseran persepsi tak lagi diizinkan usia
Tapi kalau aku harus mengalah
Maka ketahuilah
Hanya karena cinta

Friday, April 8, 2011

dream dream dream in noon noon noon

20 things i need the most in my future wedding!

1. The very most super important is LACE, so many many of lace, especially on the gown.
2. VEIL. while the veil is long, it must be with lace. while it's shorter, flower is nice.
3. The GROOM. Haha, the groom is behind the gown and the veil.
5. Placed somewhere out of a building! garden is nice. BEACH is best! my house's yard is superb.
6. Small SMALL PARTY or gathering
7. While for the party, the BAND will be my #1 concern.
8. The 2nd is the PHOTOGRAPHER. Have you heard Axioo? Check this out!
10. A Priest, but above it is actually GOD's blessing.
11. Any FOOD which not come from sea
12. WHITE and black nuance with FLOWER everywhere
13. If i can ask, BOW TIE for my love :)
14. HOMEMADE SOUVENIR, but i promise it will be either cute or ellegant.
15. I've picked my MADE OF HONOR, can you believe?
16. TISSUE. i know i know, i don't even think i won't cry!
17. GLOVES. if my veil is long, i'll take a short gloves and vice versa.
18. A small PEARL might be pretty on me. maybe the earrings.
19. Me and my groom own WEDDING VOW
20. Each of everything covered by LOVE.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dearest Mr. Stephen R. Covey,

With a great modesty, I write this, Mr. I've read your book -7 Habits. Everyone knows it's awesome! I just want to ask some -two specifically- questions to you directly, no matter you will answer or even you won't read it.

So, let me fast forward. On your book, at the very first part, you talked about paradigm, you shared your experience about the relation between you and your own son. There you said that when you change your way of thought about your son -who I believe has a special condition because you said so, then he himself step-by-step followed to change -into the way you thought about him of course. So, my first question is: until what point does we should think about something according to what we want to see about it, so we won't fall into kind of denial?

At another part, which is maybe one of the best, where you told every reader about win-win, win-loose, ........, yaaa ya that part. Here is my second question: how if in one situation or one problem, some of the parties finally yield, still it can be called a win-win?

Alice Ayu

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 is my number if so do you

Kalau aku ini satu maka aku adalah tiada
Kalau pijakmu jengah maka aku terbang saja
Kalau aku awan dan kalau saja kamu bintang
Maka layaknya sihir, lebih baik langit melenyap
Karna lalu buat apa ada renggang di antara jariku
Buat apa dicipta hati yang luas
Kalau bukan jadi tempatmu mengadu
Karna lalu buat apa ada dua
Kalau yang ada hanya aku
Dan di sisi yang lain hanya ada kamu
Jadi di sinilah kita, di satu peraduan yang sama
Belajar tertawa, belajar menangis
Belajar mengajar, belajar mendengar
Di sinilah kita
Belajar Cinta

Monday, April 4, 2011

Reparasi Reputasi

Impian itu layaknya bui, kotak 4 x 4 yang membatasi badan, tapi justru membebaskan fantasi liar berimajinasi. Sama saja dengan impian, bukan semata-mata jemari namun kreasi yang pertama-tama berlari. Lalu di suatu waktu, keempat dinding dingin itu berubah jadi suatu arena yang biasa disebut mulut comfort zone, just somehow. Impian itu tidak lagi membelah dan membesar atau bahkan terealisasi. Impian itu hibernasi, diserang rasa takut dan tak percaya diri. Diserang sih wajar, tapi sayangnya yang ini diserang, dihantam, dan dipupuk sampai mati. Memang takut apa? Ya takut kalau si pemimpi nyatanya tidak lebih besar dari impiannya. Takut gagal dan menghancurkan reputasi. Kan belum ada tukang reparasi reputasi, selain waktu -which is biasanya bergerak super minim.

Kalau ditanya impian, gw langsung bisa jawab penulis. Tapi kalau ditanya usaha, null. Jadi harusnya dua hal itu berbanding lurus atau saling menindih atau bagaimana?

Ada ga sih orang berlesung pipit yang kepingin banget ngilangin lesung pipitnya? Kenapa? Soalnya gw mau pake jadi analogi, hehehe. Anggep aja ada dan kita sebut Mrs. LP (Lesung Pipit).

Impian juga tak jauh beda dengan lesung pipit (khusus lesung pipitnya Mrs. LP tapi). Terkadang kita terus teguh pada satu impian hanya karena kalau impian itu dilepas praktis kita akan jadi sama seperti orang pada umumnya. Saat tersenyum, kita tidak akan semanis dulu lagi saat masih berlesung pipit.

Jadi impianmu tergolong dalam kategori yang mana? Bui, lesung pipit, atau surely impian? Terus terus terus terus bermimpi, every monkey reading :) And I send a hello there!

Xo, aliceayu.