Monday, November 7, 2011

random updates

Hi, people. It has been a super long time since my last ‘me’ time, sitting with nobody and just talk to you all. It’s been a quite busy month on October. And my life is still perfect eventhough there are times where I was sad of too missing my boyfriend since we were into this long distance relationship thing. But overall, I am happy.

Hmmm, what’s to talk about eh? Well, how about me and my new friendship I’ve got here at office. Basically it was quite fun eventhough I still cannot replace David and Joseph, Oline, and Miranti and Rani. Hi you, guys! But everybody here is kind and nice. Actually, last Saturday I’ve just hang out with some of them. We’ve got our dinner together and celebrated Diana’s birthday. Since none of us wanted to go home yet, we were then going to Cynthia’s home and played card where the looser should answer one question from the other players, a truth answer of course. Well, basically it was the truth or dare games but since it was late at night and there were no others people to be dared for, we just played the truth or truth. And it was quite helped us to get to know each other surprisingly. Well, I’ve got lose for about four or five times and here are the list of questions I should answered:
1. What was the hottest thing you’ve ever done with your boyfriend?
2. Do you ever thought about marrying your present boyfriend?
3. Do you ever had a thought of breaking up with him?
4. Do you ever fell in love with another man while you were in a relationship with a guy?
5. How did your boyfriend ask you to be his girlfriend?

But but but, I won’t write the answer here! Ouh, I also had another fun time with my other friends at office. It happened last Friday where there was a closing dinner of my graduate project which was an accounting competition followed by many top universities in Indonesia. I have some photos of us below.

Here they are, my happy life :D
Cheers! @AliceAyu

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