Friday, July 15, 2011

Spouse Attack

Let me guess, you all are fine and happy? Yeah, me too! Now, have you heard about the book of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"? I bet you have. Me myself haven't read it yet, but from the synopsis we can know what that book is all about. Well, that's explain a lot. I can say now that 90% of every fight that comes to a couple is only because of this different planet where men and women came from. Maybe you can see it easier by case to case. Check this out.

case #1
women are willing to be heard, while men are born to solve cases
So, what usually happen is the girl tell the boy some stories about another girl who happened to be very annoying and maybe coquettish or a story about the girl's mom who is very conservative and also annoying. And so the boy begins to release some discourses bla bla bla bla, when the only thing the girl needs is just ears to hear. So the boy -with no conscious- is just adding more issues and problems by his act. Well, you know what, it comes from the different planet.

For men, it is all weird, the women's action of telling when they don't need any solutions. While for women, the first thing which will come up on their mind is "what is the hard part of just hearing?".

case #2
women dislike loneliness, while men's brain need the autistic moment
When you (girl) have a busy boy, sometimes when he gets a little free time you must hope that this boy will come to you to spend times together, maybe bring you roses or ask you to the movies. But reality is sometimes can be more evil than the devil. Yet your boy chooses to cuddle his pillow at his home, alone. Well, it also comes from the mars and venus.

For women, it hurts to see you boys prefer to be alone than being together with us when there are times to get together. While for men, well it's just that "boys are always be boys", they love enjoying theirself. Besides, men's brain are need to be charged with that kind of autistic moment somehow.

case #3
women are build to be excited with anything, while men are taught to be cool
So, when the anniversary day will come, the girl is so busy preparing things -from dress to gift, when the boy is still don't have any idea where the dinner will takes place and don't even think about the reservation yet.

For men either for women, it is confusing. How women are being so occupied and how men are so slow.

Ahh, enough for now. I'll add it when i remember things. And so how do you think? Do you agree? Hihi, it's kinda funny right when you read it and you feel like it is true? Well, i wish you well from here. ADIOS, XXX :D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Passing Through The Gap

HOLA! I'll write in Bahasa this time because my mama gave me a lot of complains since she couldn't understand what i wrote in English.

Ide dari tulisan ini adalah dari guru fisika SMP gw yang baru-baru ini bilang kayak gini ke gw: "Iyalah, orang kayak kamu pasti udah ga mau lagi ngelanjutin sekolah (S2)". Gw: "Loh, kenapa tuh, Pak?" . PG (Pak Guru): "Soalnya sekolahnya udah ngoyo dan bener-bener".

Gw pikir-pikir bener juga ya. Orang yang pinter -i mean bener-bener asli pinter dari sononya, kemungkinan dia bisa punya banyak title lebih besar dibanding orang yang average. Kenapa? Soalnya effort yang dia keluarin buat mencapai suatu prestasi (dalam hal ini di bidang pendidikan) lebih kecil dibanding orang yang lets say lebih bolot. Nah dari sini mulai timbul gap deh. Orang yang kurang pinter ga sadar klo dia kurang pinter, dia nyamain porsi belajarnya sama temen dia yang kebetulan emang asli pinter. Akhirnya si kurang pinter makin tertinggal karena dia putus asa liat si pinter udah terlalu jauh jaraknya. Akhirnya gap nya makin besar, yang pinter makin pinter, yang kurang makin idiot. Berlaku juga untuk "yang kaya makin kaya, yang miskin makin miskin".

Tuhan emang ngasih modal ke manusia beda-beda porsinya, ada yang lebih pinter (dan atau kaya) sama yang kurang. Sekarang gimana caranya kita cari "lebih"-nya kita yang dikasih sama Tuhan. Klo kita emang kurang pinter, ga perlu malu buat mengakuinya, siapa tau kan kita lebih rajin dibanding si lebih pinter. Jangan sampe kita biarin gap itu menganga lebar, ntar ngos-ngosan ngejarnya, kemungkinan putus asanya lebih besar klo gap nya udah terlalu besar.

So, semangat ya semua pelajar Indonesia :D They who can through the difference, will pass the gap.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you love music? I die to it! Do you realize that there are so many things on earth that are too beautiful to can be expressed by words? I can mention ten of them in a second: beach, music, painting, lyric, garden, building, poetry, movie-video, handmade shawl, picture, etc. Well, somehow when i listened to a very good music i felt kinda blessed, so also when i go to the beach which i missed very much.

See, lately i've been thinking about this long distance relationship that i must through. It really is not my type, well i am, since i don't believe in whatsoever called love -i think so do my parents. What until now i believe is a thing called intensity. I can easily love you if i meet you everyday (assuming you are NOT dumb, unrealistic, very not funny, don't like music or books or movie and theater, and know nothing about history). Since being kikin's girlfriend is also one of many things that makes me feel blessed, i am so afraid if i won't love him anymore because of this LDR thing. I know, many people called me crazy or greedy by having this feeling. I am so afraid of loosing him because of me myself doesn't love him anymore, weird? Yes, it is.

against the giant wall

Hello again :D

Well, what topic do you want to talk about? Hmm, how about a job or career? Deal? Okay, deal.

Do you remember when we were younger, lets say when we were in kindergarten, our teachers and families will ask to us quite often about what is our ideal or aspiration. Most of us will answer, "a policeman, a fireman, or an astronaut, doctor, or maybe a president". And where are we now after college? Most of us will choose to be at office building instead of at the street as the policeman or at the sky as an astronaut. And why is that? Well, money talks eventually.

We can't admit that if we plan to have a family, we should collect money as many of them after college. But sometimes our dream job isn't something that can be the tools of producing the large amounts of money. So usually we forget our dream when we were a kid for a moment, to reach the wealth. The thing gets wrong when we give up the dream at all because we actually can be rich from our job at this moment. Why do we need to take a risk to turn around and back to our dream job? That can be a very tough decision to make and most of us will choose the opportunity to always be rich i guess.

That's the process i usually see and i do afraid if i become one of those people. So, how to fix it? How to help our next generation so they don't need to face the "choosing" moment and to finally give their dream up?

First of all, why does this thing become very important to me? Because until now, from what i see, there's no one can argue how well a person can work when he uses not only his mind but also his heart. And it's called passion. A man said to me -a man that i always adore, money should only be the consequences, the main dish is always the work itself and how happy you are when you do that work. What you should think about is how to make the work you do and the work which makes you happy can produce golds, so then it also can make your family happy!

So, don't be average, be extraordinary in things you like. Don't be afraid to dream, cause money will only be the consequences. And if you are good, the consequences must be a lot of money right?

One thing that i questioned about, why does the question about what we want to become after being an adult -which always been asked at kindergarten- was stopped only at primary school? Why they don't ask anymore when we were at junior and senior high school? Until boom they ask us to make a quick decision and decide what subject we want to get for college. And maybe that is why there are billions of people end up in economic faculty.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Defying Gravity

It's a very cool photoshoot. Let me share it with you! And it's taken from here: click me.


Please blame me for not updating the blog for the whole month. Yaps, so many things happened. The very first thing is that i've been through my thesis defense and i've graduated now! Yeay! My graduation will be held on this latest of month and i'll put on a chocolate-gold kebaya as my graduation costume :D

The bad news is that i'd leave bandung already, yes it is sad. My bestfriends are there, my boyfriend's there, and the memories are always be there. But, lets skip this crybaby part, hate it!

Mmm, let me share a couple of picts i captured from my anniversary dinner with kikin. It was our very first year anniversary we spent at a cozy place, named Vanilla. It's a cafe with a yummy food and beers.

And this is some pictures i captured hopefully not for the last time with my bestfriends! They are, Yosef Sianipar, David Jonathan Susanto, Angga Darmawan, and Erick de Putra.