Thursday, December 8, 2011

on un rest we stand

looking forward to find happinessas all i could see is sea, this is happinessand all that i have is my two sweet friends, this is blessingso, please meet Rani and Miranti..location: Un Rest (Onrust) Island, Jakarta

Miranti Verdiana -the girl who lifted me up
We were just simply becoming friend after she moved to my boarding house. For the first couple of months, i couldnt remember her name for God's sake. I used to remember her as Martia, hahaha, sorry pal! And yes, the friendship hold on for long..

She was just have a boyfriend, so all i can say about her now is that she fell in love so deep to her boyfriend, Alvin. Im so happy for both of them :D

She and I have through a lot of experience; laugh and cry. She was there when i through something really bad in my life. Thank you, sayang..

Miranti is so independent, moreover as a woman. And i am proud of her.

And Miranti is the one whom my parents and brothers would call if i dont pick up their phone calls, bzzzzzzz......

Rani Tandiono -the girl in grey shirt
I first met her at Business English class, we continued to have lunch together where we usually ate batagor -a special food from Bandung which made from fish. And then somehow we continued to be close friend.

She is a smart student but basically you'll need a lot of patience to discuss something not related with college subject becos she can be a so-slowly-thinker! Damn you! But regardless all of that, i have to admit that she is a super-nice person. She's just kind from the beginning you know..

It's easy to give when you are in the middle of wealth or something, but can you give more when you yourself kinda need it too? Well, Rani can.

I remembered how she always willing to drop by in my boarding house to teach me accounting, eventhough i was the one who needed the lesson. She said, it was too late for me to walk to her boarding house. Well, actually if it was too late for me, it was too late for you too, idiot! We live in the same area! Thank you so much for that, darling.

She loves her family so much. She is close to her mom and -i dont know, i would like to say...sacrifice a lot for her twin sisters and her only brother. She is a brought-something-special-for-her-family-after-pay-day type of person. So sweet of her, isnt it?

p.s: for both of you, nothing more to say, i just love you.. *pelukpelukmanja* *jilatjilatbasah*

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