Saturday, October 30, 2010

Every girl deserves for roses.

Every woman deserves better. Every girl deserves for any beautiful flowers in this world, and by the way you’re still more beautiful than any of them. So, don’t ever think that the rough man is enough or that the possessive one is OK. Never once you think that you won’t find the better guy, please don’t be afraid to loose someone by that thought. You’re too precious to waste your time for a silly fight or for a liter of tears, please don’t.

Listen to the whisper of your heart, sometimes it knows more than your clever brain. It’s not that I tell you to give up every man you’re being with, just don’t be plunged into grief or sorrow because of man and you think that that is love or sacrifice for love or kind of that thing.

When you don’t find any more smiles, maybe you just don’t love him, you just don’t realize yet.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Dear Dad

I was in my mother’s stomach, his hands were so tender and loving. The next three years I was on my kindergarten, and he always brought me there. Then only for couple years, I sat on my elementary chair, sometimes he would let me skip the class and called my headmaster to say that I ain’t on my good condition to go to school. My height was 152cm while he began to annoy me, asked me about all of the boys in my junior high school – plus their background! I moved to Bandung to get on my senior high school, so I had my first ATM from him. Things are getting better while I went to college, he gave me another ATM and an extra money.

But, the most beautiful thing that he always give me is a sincere love. And the most beautiful thing that God gave me was my father.

Happy birthday, paps. Love you so much, *cupss :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wish me tons of luck..

Tomorrow is my big day!

I should talk about one of subsection of Indonesia Accounting Standard which called Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan number 24 in front of 9 clever people, included my lecturer. The standard talk about employee benefit, and so damn confusing! I don’t know what will I wear for the big day, but this is what I plan for tomorrow.

So, wish wish wish me tons of luck!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Syair Syiar

Jangan bawa lukaku terbang tinggi

Aku mau ia sembuh dulu, barulah boleh melenggang pergi

Jangan jangan paksa sedihku hilang

Biar ia tegar dulu sebelum senyum berhasil menghalang

Jangan pernah renggut sepinya hati

Nanti saja setelah ia berhasil ku obati

Jangan pula khianati rindu

Biar dulu ia merasuk, baru nanti ku depak sendu


Just like what Jenny Curran said to Forrest, “Run, Forrest, run!”.

Don’t try to be a hero, just run. Maybe that’s what I did too, me as Forrest of course. I think, become a hero is not cool at all.. Or maybe it’s cool, but I’m a coward whose never ready for the pain.

Sometimes when the night comes and you can’t close your minds yet, the room becomes so scary. It’s like many moments in your life that you never wish to happen but was happening suddenly came too near into your vision. You can look yourself on that vision, doing stupid things. You’ll try to stop you, but still happening. Maybe you will cry until your eyes were tired enough to come down the tears, and you'll fall asleep. The morning you wake up, you’ll get the red and wrinkled face.

So, I conclude that I was running all this time, not cure, because the pain is still so clear when it came into my vision.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Pair of Pen

A pair of pen from a pair of friend.

This afternoon I’ve got a special gift from special friends, Miranti and Rani, a pair of pen for me and Kikin’s 4th month anniversary. It was really a nice of them. I love you, girls.

They named it as "padlock and its key" pen, taken from one of my writing title. For sure, the pen is so cute, where did you buy it?

p.s: for some reasons, I lie and give up a friend for a thing or for another friend. but I'll give up my anytime for having more times with you both till one of you get sleepy..