Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wedding

For my beloved cousin Arini Widyasaputra,

Menikah Sudah

Besar bersama, tumbuh menua

Mengait asa, jiwa pun raga

Dahulu kau dimanja

Sekarang cantik belia

Menikah sudah dengannya yang kau cinta


Terbanglah jauh, capai bahagia

Tenunlah rasa dalam Tuhan yang Esa

Dan saat suatu hari kau kembali

Bawalah buah kasih tulus murni

Bila saja gundah menggulana

Ingatlah setiap rayuan dan kata cinta

Bila saja deru mendera

Resapilah setiap pujian dan bunga yang pernah ia bawa

Bila saja perdebatan itu ada

Selesaikan, dan kembalilah ceria

Apabila tangis itu harus ada

Menangislah, lalu hapus dan peluk dia

Saat cemburu merayu

Bicaralah lembut nan ayu

Ketika jenuh meluap

Berwisatalah, ke pantai kau bersiap

Jangan kau pernah lupa

Manis cinta yang terasa

Dan saat tua kau buka mata

Di sanalah bahagia itu kan tetap ada


Alice ayu

p.s: happy wedding, I love you so muuuuchhh! hiks, you'll be taken on next 6 days :(

I'm really happy for yaaaaaaaa *cupss

God the goddess

Christmas been passed. Now, lets talk about something a bit heavy: God and religion. A few days before Christmas, I took a trip to get my hometown at Central Java. I took a bus and without any permission I met my little friend, Alan -like your long hair by the way. Then, we started to have a little chat by phone after that meeting.

One day, in a night chat, we talked about God -cause it was near to the Christmas Day-, and I just knew that he ever try to make a space to God because of one and any reasons. But there's one thing that maybe not only become his question but mine also, and I know that there are plenty people out there asking the same: (in a very simple way) is there really A God up there?

With no offense to any religions, communities, and cultures, I decided to write up my mind here on my blog. Once again, it's only one young woman with her short mind.. So, how if there is actually nothing up there in the sky and clouds (I used to think that clouds was the heaven and God live there)? How if all of the shit happened, good things happened, it's all nature, only nature, like "The Secret" told us? Kikin ever asked me this way: how if the God is the same with the mountain, the difference is the civilization -long long time ago, people worshiped the mountain, because their knowledge could only reach mountain with its anger, which is the eruption, but now people knew that the larva was a volcanic process not the mountain's rage.. or how if there was actually one very clever and brilliant man who created all of this religion and God's rule to secure the world from racism, criminality, etc.. Well, who knows? Maybe you know, but nobody really knows.

So, for the ending part, I choose back to believe, cause you know all up above is only my brains, what I more depend on is the hearts. And when someday I die, I'd really like to meet You up there, Father..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

what do you think about me, pals?

ramah. rajin. melankolis. independen
(friendly. diligent. melancholic. independent)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Photoshoots

I already opened Kikin's gift. I got the right color, the right size, the-exactly-what-I-want-for-this-last-three-months-but-I-cannot-buy-because-of-(you-know)-the-price : purple X2 sunglasses. Thank you so mucho mucho! Ouh, and I gave him a pair of black formal Guy Laroche socks. Anyway, compare to his, my gift is ugly :(

Last night, I attended a Christmas Eve Mass with my pap-mom-2nd bro-and my cousin - Ririn. Welcome abroad, Jesus :)

For my girls, I gave them this reindeer cute headbands

So, again, me and Kikin saying "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Presents from Santa

December is absolutely my fav month, because of the Christmas! This season, I think I was being so happy born as a girl, because girls can do a gifts exchange (tukar kado ??) without any shame. This is what I got as the Earlier Christmas Presents!

The upper pic was from Melisa, my boarding house mate. I got chocolate candies inside it. And the other was from Regina (I did the garage sale with her), I got a frame with our photos inside it. Thank you, girls *big hug

And the biggest thing which make me so excited is the gift from Kikin. I can't open it yet, we promise to open the presents on December 25 which is TOMORROW (hoorayyyy). I gave him bla bla bla, you have to wait with me, hehehe..

The upper is what I gave to him, other is what I got. Can't wait!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! May joy, hope, believe, and blessing upon you all, Amen.
Ciao, xo.

unforgettable far e well

Hi, Readersssss! This gonna be a quite long writing, so please just sit and enjoy :)

A few days ago, I spent a day and night with my friends. That was an unforgettable moment that I had. Big thankss to Miranti and Regina, the two whom I know was made the event could been realized. This event was made in order to strengthen our friendship, due to the graduation of some of our members, so this event can also been called "far e well". Since that evening, I know for sure that I love them all, and I always will. Here they are.

There is one agenda on this event which each of us had to exchange the gift that we had prepared previously with others' gift (actually it wasn't a simple exchange like you all read, but we must play a certain game first, totally fun!). And the funny thing about this agenda is that I got Kikin's present, and he got mine, what a pity, cause we buy those presents together, so the first time when we saw the wrap, we spontaneously scream, hahaha.. But I still like it, red Elmo doll, cute. I gave him a set of badminton tools - in small size of course.

Another substory: me, Miranti, and Rani finally got our photos which contain only the three of us (we had want it for a long time, weird that we got it just now huh??)..

Ouhh, and a week before the event, Miranti asked me to make a writing about this friendship, and here is what I got. A simple writing titled:


Birds fly in a group, because it will be easier to them to resist the wind blow. Ants looking for bread crumb together, because the crumb will be much lighter when they lift it up together. Accordance, in a certain season the whales do migration in a swarm, so they can support each other, to reach their destination. That is what animals do. And what we do was exactly the same. Here we are, in the middle of big big world; try to survive from all of the insecurity and uncertainty, making a cluster, named friendship.

But when one bird was exhausted, the others were keep flying. When an ant was threatened by a human feet, their group was keep walking. And when one huge whale got old and weak, his swarm was still swimming, leaving the old die. That’s what animals do, but not us. And that is why this cluster no longer named friendship, but friendmily. Sometimes we fight like a friend, but we always love like a family. And when there’s one of us gone, everything won’t ever be the same.

(p.s: dedicated to Miranti Verdiana, Rani Tandiono, Vina Andrimulya Kusno, Regina Cecilia, Renoldius Hosen, Christian Wibisono, Eveline Sutanto, Amelia Yosephine, Michelle Ines, Rendy Halim, Kevin Daryanto Wibowo, Pieter Adiguna, Ricko Putra Sanjaya, Marcella Caroline, Yosef T. B. Sianipar, David Jonathan Susanto, Sri Devi Fortuna, Venno Putra)

p.p.s: and hey Marcella Caroline has a gorgeous fashion blog, check this out footloose & fancyfree!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Exhale . . .

This is a short fact about love and apology (well, as for me). For me both are the same. They should be declared explicitly. You can’t love without sounding “I love you”, because that will feel weak. Accordance, you can’t apologize without saying “I’m sorry”. You can’t just giving a cute doll or candies or maybe parcels and ask your friends to understand that you’ve felt guilty for anything bad you’ve did. That is selfish. What happened with those giant dignities? I never despise people who are wrong and then say sorry. Wrong-mistaken-wrong again-mistaken again, that’s what people do, that’s what I do, there’s nothing wrong about that, so why you should feel disgrace to ask for forgiveness? Anybody?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vague Friendship

You called them friends

They called you people

You said: I miss you

They said: Hello

What was the correct term supposed to be?

Friends? Fellas? Pals?

Maybe just “People”.

Memutus Asa

Hiruk tak lagi pikuk
Malam kembali temaram
Sekat senja terus turun, capai tanah dunia
Tak lama muncullah Kirana
Si Cantik yang anggun, gemulai nan bercahaya
Terbangun ia dari lelapnya
Keluar menyambut bintang-bintang Surga

Kakiku terus berjalan
Pulang ke haribaan
Hatiku pun lelah, lemah mengucap pasrah
Mengejar mimpi usai sudah

p.s: didedikasikan untuk siapa saja yang akhirnya menyerah kalah. you're still a hero.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Garage Sale

This morning, me and my friends set up a garage sale event at Gasibu, Bandung. We were so happy, because many of our stuffs got sold. Yeayyy!! It was a cool experience there..
So, please meet me and the three other pretty girls at Gasibu, two weeks from now. See ya, ciao, xo.

We and stuffs
Our stuffs
me - Vivi - Michelle - Regina

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Difable Angels

I like writing, I like it so much. I like the tic-tac sounds came from my laptop pads anytime I toot the letter pads. I like writing as much as I like the rain and the color brown. I can sit for hours, keep tracking of something beautiful, rain for oftentimes, then write them down. Just like now, enjoying the self-time, thinking, seeing dark and thunder, hearing nature, and write them down.

Do you ever think why there are a lot of kids and women and men, teens and olds who are alive but not live? I mean like those who are ill, paralyzed, or disabled from the beginning of their life. What’s the purpose of their born? For their surrounding, of course they give them many lessons, to be grateful for our life, to be grateful for this hands and legs, for this eyes and good lungs and strong heart, and the liver, and so on. But for they their-selves? What is it? What’s Your plan, my Dear Lord? In my limitary logic, I think they are Angels You sent to world, for humanity, for people like me. I hope, really hope they are truly Angels. Please made them Angels, Lord, let them all be happy.


December's coming
I see the bells in gold and glow
I hear the songs, the fast and the slow
How happy can still enjoy the jingles, the tinkles
How blessed can still feel the lights of candles
It seems like my life has been so perfect
But my mouth is still ask for some happiness of fake
I got all I have just by the irony of fate
But sometimes I admit those as the success of my trade

It's always nice, the ambiance of Christmas
The tree, candy, Santa Claus, the green and red,
The party, and the merry
We decorate our home
We buy presents for family
We dress our body with white shirt or gown
Till sometimes we forget to fill it up with some kindness
We forget to give a little gift for Baby Jesus

Let's see our surrounding
Look around and spread the love we have
Let's make everybody smiles with a little thing we can do
Because we've been so blessed
With our shiny eyes,
Our blushing cheeks,
Our clearly voice,
Our handy hands,
Our sturdy legs,
Our lovely family,
Our trendy handbag and shoes,
With our completeness.
Let's share it, people

Merry Christmas 2010
May you all have a little Christmas in your heart
God bless!

Kick Andy The show

I've been kicked by Andy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Twins Army

My too sweet Christmas Tree

p.s: thanks to you, for always giving me the sweetest thing.. really enjoy the day when we build the tree together.. really enjoy the nights after the tree shining brightly, brighten them.. this year will bring me the very best Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Welfare (Work-place)


This is another unique restaurant I found at Bandung little town. Please enjoy seeing Indischetafel.

It serves an Indonesian-Europe cuisine. Yummy!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi, readers. Sorry for no writing for these couple weeks, I was on my have-no-idea mode recently. Ooh, by the way, are you a teenager? I mean like 18 – 23 years old? You, yes you! If you are, just take a look yourself for a moment and think about what have you done in life. I am 20, and since last June (since my 20th birthday) I have so many (or lets say too many) thoughts about attainment, about achievement. Well, I have blog, maybe about 20 something people read it, but there are plenty thousands maybe billions people in this universe have much much much more adorable blog! I can write, but who doesn’t?! And just like that, the thoughts keep going on and on and on, till me get embarrassed, but also enthusiastic. The more I be ashamed, the more I high-spirited to reach some attainments.

These days, there are heaps of teenagers who are great in doing their things; music, dance, writing, and so on. Keep moving to the greatest, fellas! And for you who haven’t find your things yet, find it soon, it ‘ll make yourself more human and alive and feel valuable. And the most important thing is knowing that in the beginning it’s not for others, it’s just for you yourself.

p.s: huge! by this 1st of December I’ll be a part timer at the back office of V Hotel and Residence, Bandung. I’m so excited and happy, because actually I always want to make some money for myself. so, wish me luck there, ciao, xo.

many steps of life.

jealousyI'll see you againloveadventurebelieve

Friday, November 5, 2010


Sebab andaikata sesuatu Kau benci, niscaya tidak Kau ciptakan. Bagaimana sesuatu dapat bertahan, jika tidak Kau kehendaki, atau bagaimana dapat tetap terpelihara, kalau tidak Kau panggil? Engkau menyayangkan segala-galanya sebab semua itu milik-Mu, ya, Penguasa hidup!

The translation below is made by me and not the real sentences on the Bible, only so everybody can understand:

Because if something you hate, You would not create it. How things can survive, if You don’t want to, or how it can be maintained, if You don’t call it? You love everything because it all belongs to You, O Lord of life!

It’s Kikin, the one who told me to share the scripture verses on my blog. The subsection of Book of Wisdom above I got from the last homily in my church, and leaved a good mark on my heart. Isn’t it beautiful?

Simply understood. If you feel like God hates you, why should He created you? He loves you, more than you can know, trust me :)