Thursday, January 31, 2013


Should I spend more times to cry?
Or should I drown myself deeper in bed?
How to fix this?
How to get me better?
Oh, love, I wish I never understand you
I wish I shut myself over you
Oh, love, what did you do?
Now look at my heart
What did you do?

Monday, January 28, 2013




Aku ini perempuan biru
Berdada batu, bermahkota pilu
Aku tak kenal yang tak ada
Tak percaya yang tak nyata
Aku ini putri hujan
Bermandi mendung, bertakhta awan
Dalam hujan ku tulis ceritaku
Pada hujan ku teriakkan isakku
Aku dan aku..

Lalu kau datang bawa ceritamu
Kau datang bawakan cintaku

Aku ini putri raja
Berlimpah cinta, berselimut indah realita
Ternyata cinta itu ada
Aku ini perempuan hatimu
Karna di sinilah kau kan berlabuh
Aku dan kamu..

Friday, January 25, 2013

Publish the Unpublished


Morning, guys. Today, I just want to bring up something light for your eyes. These days, like the other “these-days” I usually had in my life, I feel so blessed. Personally, I always believe that God, no matter what, no matter how, is good. As usual, you can replace the word God with maybe nature or anything you believe is existed and bigger than you, than any humans alive. Since probably the last year, my life has been a masterpiece of myself. It becomes easier I guess for more specific. When I looked back and ask “why?” and tried to figure it out by keeping my awareness in my day-to-day living, I found out why.

This year, somehow, I was able to see the big picture of everything happened to me. It was like I could see God’s plan in everything happened in my life. It was like finally I could see that God is always good, eventually. That there was always a reason. It makes everything easier. It makes me believe that no matter how screwed up I am now, I’ll end up good, eventually. Cause The Plan is always good. It makes me able to be grateful most of the time. And it really makes things easier.

Try to find God’s aim in bad things happened to you. I know, it sounds silly and everything. But it’s not a denial for me, it really is it is. Have a bigger heart is my 2013 resolution I guess. Not for the world, it’s too much, it’s for myself cause it makes me happier and by that I hope I could make happiness for others too. Some people said that if you spread your resolution, it won’t happen cause it’s like you jinxing it. But for me, I guess it gives me more spirit, because it will be more like “my-promise” to the world. It makes me more excited in achieving it. At last, resolution could be achieved if we working it out right? It’s not like a coincidence or something..

So, sorry to just say it now, but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013, world! I have so many targets this year along with the fear and doubt whether I can achieve it or whether I cannot.. But for what it’s worth, I’ll try my best to achieve it. 2013 is gonna be mine (and yours!) :)

Wishing you all a prosperous year, monkeys!

Alice Ayu
Moments update.

CHRISTMAS - We spent holiday at Salatiga, a good place to relax and do outbond!

N.Y.E - with boyfriend and friends :)


Thursday, January 17, 2013

we get lucky!

At last, we can’t predict human being. Or in a better sentence, also a book title from Professor Dan Ariely, we are PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL. At last, or at least until the year of 2013, no one could describe love, no one could make the formula of love. People’s action in responding love would be different one to another. And not only to the action of love. When you have some times in silence and you look around, you will see, how funny we all are actually.

You see, it’s funny knowing that sometimes we got angry to somebody of something they’ve done. But yet, at another time when another person called our friend doing exactly the same thing, we could be not angry. Our reaction changes when the subject changes. Or when sometimes we said in our heart, “I really don’t understand why he/she did that kind of things. F!” But yet when we get into the exact same situation with him/her, we kinda take the same action. People are irrational. Let’s look again, deeper, sometimes we said no to something and said that we were not into that thing. What actually happened is we could not handle the chance of not being good on the new thing. Agree? Our age stops at our comfort zone.

People’s decisions are inconsistent. It depends on too many things. People’s action could not be generalised. If that so, we are pretty lucky huh? Born as us? We have that inherent attribute to be inconsistent, to learn something new everyday, to get to know ourselves through many things we are willing to try. If that so, why say no too soon? What’s the worse could happen by letting others know that we couldn’t do one or two things? Nobody could do anything. The worse is….., people know. Right? So what? You already keep that new experience in your heart and that feels good. I guarantee you’ll feel good.


Keep rocking in 2013, XOXO,