Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magic Medicine

Writing for me is like a medicine. I am all my works these days and my head can’t stop pounding. But then, in a time like this, I just put aside everything, put my headset on and write. And suddenly I am in my world again. I exist and I am me again. I can’t imagine a person without his or her medicine, what his or her world would be like. With all of these things going on in adults world, work problems, money problems, relationship stuff and all that, for how long people can stand-still without their medicine? I think that’s maybe why people going like literally crazy.

And then I realise, if now I am in this hard time and I can and will through it all with the help of writing, there must be other times when this kind of situation happened, cause well my life no matter how I want it to be simple, sometimes it gets too complicated for my little brain. And yes, it happens a lot of times when I began to remember. This magic medicine. I guess it helps me through a lot of things.

And now, when I became real aware of it, I realise, if I have this simple medicine, and every hard time in my 23 years of life I can manage, what should I be too afraid of about tomorrow? Nothing no? Yes, nothing. I just need to stop, put my headset on and write. And then I am in my world again. Despite all of the craziness happens around me. And this smile, I won’t make it disappear for this piece of papers. Cause you know, eventually it's all up to you, pals. WHAT YOU GAVE UP AND WHAT YOU DON'T. So choose what's best. For you, not for anyone but you.

Alice, 09 Oct 13