Tuesday, September 20, 2011

who you are before you met him?

Having a boyfriend doesn’t always mean to have fun. No, it’s not even about that after all. It’s more about learn to know ourselves better. What do we want from a man –since I am a female. Sometimes it would be easier for us to know what do we want and like by knowing what we don’t want or dislike. It also helps us to at least notice that there is one person around us that working as hard as we do to reach some certain goals in life. It brings a lot of spirits and hopes I guess.

No matter what a boyfriends are for for you is, the most important thing is don’t forget who you are before you met your boyfriend. Don’t forget things that cheered you up before you met your boyfriend. Do not ever forget things that make you happy, things that make you smile before you met him. Because you still have to smile while those things happened, with or without him.

And the second point is the thing that you and your boyfriend have is should be a relationship that can make the two of you become more positive as a person. And that’s what boyfriends are for. Yeah of course, also to have fun, do crazy things and LAUGH.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

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