Thursday, December 1, 2011

its never too late to build your dream

I was supposed to be on different tab of my screen right now, doing my work (AT THIS TIME!!! its 9.10 PM fyi). But instead, here I am, cant hold it any longer to write. Do you know what am i thinkin about? Sometimes i feel really really scared if only i just stuck here in my routine and going nowhere, where suddenly times have gone away and i am 50 years old. How sad i could be.. I have a lot of...a lot of things i want to achieve, but basically i just want to live in my dream, in what i am called passion. Sometimes i get really really jealous with my boyfriend, he is living his dream everyday, he does what he likes and live from there. Sometimes i am so afraid that i cant follow him..

What do you want from your life? I want to write a magazine contained a profile of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia and their achievements or ideas and publish it free. I want to held a sharing session with all of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia who might have the same interest with me which is to live by our passion and who might have the same spirit which is to bring greatness for Indonesia. I want to get a butterfly tattoo on my chest. I want to own a clothing line. I want to build a child and youth foundation. And finally i want to have my own tv station.

Can you imagine having a tv station? Gosh, it was the largest communication tool existed! You can bring a very big impact for the country. You can contribute a lott! I cant imagine how happy i am will be by the time i have it. I will show the world how beautiful Indonesia is and how blessed we are as Indonesian. I also will show the world how we are Indonesian are smart, brave and creative. We are willing to take a step forward and learn to be successful person.


Please, im begging, do what you like, and bring the best from there.. For yourself, for Indonesia.. Never hesitate to dream, even, its never too late to build it when you dont have one yet.

Cheers! @AliceAyu

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