Thursday, March 29, 2012

keep it simple

Hello, world. Hows life? Mine is quite ups and downs, but always. I was working overtime these two weeks. It was quite tiring and after the first weekend of that two weeks, i got sick, but still has to go out and work...and smile. But actually, i really enjoyed my working time these two weeks, so smile was not that hard. I like to be on client's site. I like to have a chitchat with them, actually i like it with anybody. I like to hear everybody's mind cause each of them are somehow special.

I had my time where i was alone in a cab and out of how and when, suddenly i was having a conversation with the taxi driver. Those drivers were actually kind and nice. Glad that i was never fell into the wrong hand. In every story that i heard from every of them, i always feel blessed. Once, one taxi driver said to me "you must be very clever for have had a good job in your age", i replied to him "no, im just lucky for being born in my family".

Currently, i was feeling more lucky for born as me. It is maybe one of the time i will tell you about how lucky i am for being with K and why did i mostly call this relationship as the so-fun one! Just yesterday, i was planning to go to grand indonesia -one of mall here- which was near to HI Roundabout which was become one of a place where many of Indonesians were doing demonstration. I did not plan to ask anybody to accompany me because i will just go fast and straight to buy a necklace for my cousin's wedding party. However, there's my colleague, Adi, who offered to accompany me and so i let K knew. I thought for some men, they will say: just the two of you? or bla bla bla, but K: it's good if Adi could go with you since the mall is near to where the demonstration took place. He's the best! ______________________________________________________________
Thank you for keeping this relationship simple. I'm happy with you. Untill now, i think that's all i need.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Akhirnya gw nulis pake judul ini juga. Gw pingin banget nulis topik ini dengan bahasa paling gampang dan lugas. O ya by the way, tulisan ini juga gw khususkan untuk warga negara Indonesia aja –since im living here and I don’t really know about other countries’ culture. Jadi gini, gw itu cukup terganggu dengan a person who snores while they’re sleeping. Dan gw berdoa banyak-banyak supaya ga dapet suami yang melakukan hal itu. Terus gw mikir, gimana coba caranya gw tau calon suami gw do the snore or not. I mean, mungkin some of you mikir itu ga penting, but it is! Bukan hanya snoring problem loh yang gw maksudkan di sini, but a lot of things you might not know about your future husband karena kita hanya pacaran –ya di sini maksud gw pacaran dengan ciri khas Indonesia. Not that I meant pacaran ala adat budaya Indonesia itu jelek, no, it’s good, it’s really good. Me myself up until now is planning to keep my virginity till I get married and im proud of what I believe in. It’s just that I feel like something is missing here. I keep thinking and thinking what it is until I got the answer. How can I not notice at the first place. Are you familiar with the step “moving in”? That’s it! It makes sense for me now why they create the step. Why do we not?

Gini deh, kalo beberapa dari kalian masih nganggep ini adalah hal yang picik karena kalian pikir kalo udah cinta ya cinta aja, mau suami kita ngedengkur kek atau apa kek juga ga masalah, sekarang gw tanya kenapa kalo mau nikah pada tes kesuburan dulu? Kalo ternyata one of the spouses is sterile pasti jadi pada mikir-mikir juga kan? Oke fine kalo kalian bilang the case is different –one is only about a snore and the other is about a child, tapi di sini kita bicara tentang pernikahan which will last forever years. Mungkin 3 tahun even 5 tahun pertama, it’s not a big deal, but how about 10 years snores? That’s a lot of snores isn’t it? Atau ga harus dengkuran deh, gimana dengan kenyataan bahwa some men do not flush the toilet? And they’re not gonna change. People are not changed. A kid changes, a teen changes but we are not. Just trust me, I have my parents my whole life and they are not changed even for each other’s happiness.

Terus buat cewek-cewek yang ngerasa bakal dirugiin dengan this moving in step, my question is: why? Gw berani jamin kog kalo sampe gw tinggal bareng sama pacar gw, I wont get pregnant. I mean, come on, pacaran yang gw omongin di sini juga pacaran yang dewasa lah. Dan pacaran yang dewasa itu ga bisa di-achieve kalo masing-masing personilnya ga dewasa themselves. Sekarang ni ya, selain diperkosa, gimana sih caranya kalian bisa hamil kalo bukan kalian sendiri yang ngijinin hal itu terjadi? Jadi ya udah, jangan pake frasa “dirugiin” untuk meminimalisasi rasa malu kalian sama diri kalian sendiri dengan already let that happened. Buat gw ini harga mati. Gw bukan bilang kalo sex before merried is not good, ini cuma tentang apa yang lo percaya aja. Tapi once lo ngelakuin itu, and somehow you feel guilty or dissapoint with yourself, please dont blame on your man.

So, at last, I vote for moving in step being existed in Indonesia! :D


biar cinta tetap buta

Kalau langit bisa berkata, apa yang akan kalian rasa? Kalau senja bisa bicara, apa yang akan kalian kata? Kalau bumi bisa menjawab, apa yang akan kalian tanya? Mungkin ku kan tanya tentang cinta. Tentang cinta yang tak pernah berhenti merasa. Tentang cinta yang tak kan pernah lari dari asa. Lalu kalau cinta bisa bicara, apa yang akan kalian dengar? Kalau cinta bisa mendengar, apa yang akan kalian coba bicarakan? Apa sebenarnya yang kalian harapkan kalian dengar dari sebuah cinta? Apa yang kalian harapkan kalian dapat dari cinta? Cinta itu cinta. Dia apa adanya. Cinta itu cinta. Tak dapat terwakili oleh adaptasi, penyesuaian diri atau komitmen hati. Berikan 3 detik untuk cinta, dan kalian akan menemukannya. Detik detik berikutnya, itu bukan lagi cinta, itu perhitungan tentang cinta. Dan kalau benar cinta itu buta, mengapakah kau paksa dia melihat?

-Alice Ayu