Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wandering l o v e

Its been a long time since i write about love, aint i? So, now lets talk about love.

If you remember, i dont believe in whatsoever called love. What i do believe is continuity. Sometimes, somewhere in my heart is always wandering that maybe love exists. Because if it is not, how come this serious relationship can be so much fun with my boyfriend..

To be honest, this is the best relationship i can imagine between man and woman. We grow together into something better of ourselves. I dont remember whether we ever have a big fight or not, i dont think so.. We argue about something we did should, not about something silly. He understands me so good. He always try to make me happy and for this i cant thank God more for sending me him. He is one of very smart, open minded, creative and visioner type of person. Yet, he is caring. Yeah and so, he can be my most challenging brainstorming opponent but also my sweet lover.

Hey you, thank you you found me..

I still dont know if love exists, but lets just see :D

p.s: i found it so sweet >>

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Love, XOXO.

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