Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give thanks as love is free

Last week I was taking a walk in the aisle of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, when I looked at two beautiful kids sat on the aisle’s floor and were hugging each other. They were dirty but still beautiful. One's a girl, the other is a boy. I thought they were brother and sister. Maybe they were waiting for their parent who might be a beggar.

They were just smiling and laughing. They were also kissing each other’s chick. So cute weren’t they? :D

And then I told this story to kikin and spontaneously he said, “luckily, love is free”.

Yeah, I thought, no matter how hard life is and how harder life is for several people, we are supposed to be able to go through it because there is love. There is love here and there.. It’s like the air, it’s everywhere and free. And we need it aint we? Becos it makes us happy, there's no doubt about that.

Moreover, it is Christmas coming to town. Spread more love! SMILE and take a break from sadness.

So, will you give love?

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