Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christian Wibisono

He’s such a beautiful thing. If he is clothes, he must be a wool: warm. While he’s a chair, he will be a couch: comfort. And if he becomes a taste, absolutely chocolate: sweet.

It’s just I feel so grateful to have him. He gives me many moments in life that I thought will be only others’ experiences, not mine. He brought me to his communities – which are a lot –, he brought me to his families, he asked me to date, to celebrate anniversary, he gave me mysterious surprise invitation, he delivered me flower, he asked me to accompany him to the random weddings and me too, and he gave me Nicholas Sparks’ book – my favorite romance novel writer –, he doesn’t need a special occasion to give me something so me! We did a lot of fun activities, we arrived at Dufan; he brought me to a place which have no name, which provided a few loungers where people can sit and stare to the stars – he likes stars, “It’s light in the darkness”, I quote from him –; we went to museum – he adores history –; we tried many new and unique or catchy or actually just any restaurants; and we still have more plenty of them. You have to see the lists! Ouh, we shopped, and we plan to cook and jog. And which I like the most, we usually steal time only to have lunch together. We’re busy. He’s busier than me though!

He’s more patient than me, pretty weird huh? He’s smart in academy and social life. I really like to discuss anything – it really means anything when I wrote it –, business, love, history, people, life, movie music ART, football (I began to like it recently), fashion, etc. Whenever I made a stupid quiz, he was being as excited as I was, he's really got into it (thank you, it made me feel normal).

I love his jokes and his 'gurita' dancing (I have to make a video of him while he do dance, so you can see)!

He loves his parents and sister so much. Be grateful for having him, Om – Tante – Vina, you three are always in his heart.

He helped his friends, the big and even the smallest one!

One of my friend ever said like this to me: “Lice, klo ude tau kekurangannya Kikin, kasi tau gw yak.” – “Lice, whenever you already find Kikin’s weaknesses, please tell me” –. And now I want to answer you, hey, David, till now, I still don’t know yet!

p.s: hey, Mr. Wibisono, whenever you read this, please knowing, I bla bla bla you (you know the best what word will filled in the blank)!


Life is hard, sometimes we said “unfair”. But, who cares, will it be smoother when you keep grumbling? I’m 20 and have enough regrets because of complaining without do something! Trust me, LIFE – COMPLAINING + WORKING SMART = MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL.

Yes, it’s unfair when there’re a lot of people got a GPA above 3.5 while we think we’ve done a lot more painful effort than them. But, when the time comes, everything will be paid for, and be fair enough. Just do your best, be grateful for what you have, and don’t make our hard life becomes harder by thinking something ain’t important and not even our business. Don’t take anything unimportant too deep!

It’ll be better if you can have a person in life that understanding and can build each other. I do have now. World becomes more friendly and beautiful and EASY.

For so many times, I’ve seen very kind persons. At the shuttle bus, when somebody gave his seat to the old lady. At the public toilet, when a woman in queue let me used the toilet before her because she saw that I couldn’t hold my pee any longer, they’re just not being blown up! It should be someone – a director or something – who create a television show displays this pure kindness. Don’t give them any shits like money, we just need the moral issue, we need the role model. We’re pretty satisfied with the criminal show, which makes me sick!

Spread the love, not envy and its things, only love! Love love love, love is all you need..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3rd Amazing Month Annive

See you again, 21st date of month. Happy and become happier month after month..

I woke up at 8 a.m this morning, still felt so lazy to get up; till 8.45 there’s knocking on my door, even I’ve said “Siapa? Bentar..”, the knock’s still recurring! Arghhhh, I needed time to use my bra, helloooo!! Four minutes; I opened the brown door, and there you were, a white lily and red roses hand-bouquet. I die! Really, blush and shine, blossomed, surprised, fluttered, HAPPY!

Ahh, because of the seminar journal which had the deadline today, that really ended my time, I hadn’t make a thing for him. So, after college, I went to super-mall to have myself on photo-booth which will I adhered on the scrapbook. Been tired so much! The scrapbook contained of 35 random questions which has to be answered by Kikin. And many many thankss to besties, Miranti Verdiana and Maria Stefani for spending time helping me with the messy scrapbook, because I was running out of time (it was done only in an hour I guess) *big hug kiss kiss.

here they are:

1. Which part of my body that you like and don’t like the most?

Like: Everything

Don’t like: Nothing

Seems like you’re more thankful for my body than me myself!

2. What should I be or have, so you’ll like me like forever?

You should keep your enthusiasm and be a home for me.

I will :)

3. If by chance, you can change me, what will you change?


Thank you

4. Imagine, we’re on the forest and come the wild wild bear, what will you do?

Pick you up and run!

I’m on your back, hoorayy!

5. Bandung or Jakarta?

I love both. There’s a lil bit of Jakarta inside me though. Jakarta is still the central of everything. For Bandung, I love the rhythm of live, love the coldness.


6. Do you like me wearing mini skirt, low V-neck, dresses, or just shirt plus jeans or short pants?

I love it when you wear anything, as long as it makes you feel beautiful and you want to look pretty because you’ll meet me.

Nice of you, Darl..

7. Will you dance with me on the wherever resto’s ballroom?

Definitely yes!

Let’s dance then.

8. Do you like to climb?

Never try it before, would love to.

Let’s make time to climb, Kinnn!!!

9. Do you tell your friends about me and our story?

Well, not really. Haven’t had time to tell anyone about anything lately, except you.

Please, have some rests, Dear..

10. If on one condition, I let you having another relationship with girls, would you?

Why would you?

Ummm.. We’ve discussed about it for so many times, haha..

11. Night or day?

Just like Bandung or Jakarta, I can’t actually pick night or day.

I love the rhymes of the day, morning dew.

I love night also, its calmness, the lights, the stars.

Night! The romance..

12. Stronghold or FM?


Me or football then?

13. If I’m a geometry, what will I be do you think?

Hmmm.. Circle I think, because you’re so tender and loving..

Tender and loving suddenly sound like FAT AND FATTY! Circle..?

14. What song describe me the most?

Everlong – Foofighters, Fix You – Coldplay, You and Me – Lifehouse, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

Describe me not us, please, be focus to the question..

15. If I’m a color, what color I’ll be?



16. Will you furnish your length arm to me sleep a night there?


Let me tonight, please..

17. We’re on the nude beach, sexy top-less ladies around you, what will you do? They’re hot and flirting on you!

I will close my eyes.

Easily tempted by them? Hmmmm...!!

18. Analogy yourself into one thing!


Calm, but deep. So you.

19. My room or yours?



20. What flower you will gather for me?


You’ve given me this morning; lily and roses, perfect comb!!!

21. What do you feel, love or lust, for me?

Love. I enjoy our long talk very much, our jokes, and everything else.

Without lust? Because I’m circle (from #13)? Ouhh, God...

22. Were you ever lying me?


Thank you

23. Describe yourself in one sentence!

I am loving, go with the flow, love life, love to laugh.

Love your jokes so much!

24. How can you explain me what’s cousin means fastly?

The son or daughter of my dad’s or mum’s brothers or sisters.

You learn fast. How about nephew?

25. If I smoke, what will you do?

Tell you not to and make you promise won’t do it again.

I’ll figure it out.. Watch me..

26. Can you repair a broken television?


Take some lessons..

27. Would you like to live in Bali?

Yes, why not?

Yihiii.. Sexy sunset, sexy you!

28. Clouds or stars?

Stars – they’re light in darkness.

Clouds – sharper your imagination.

29. What will you be in next 10 years do you think?

A CEO of someone’s or my own company.

How about businessman??

30. Blitz or XXI?



31. Do you love beach?


I love too so badly.

32. Would you like to have a book about us?


Let’s make Chapter One!

33. If at one time, I can’t give my careness to you as much as I usually do, will you be patient for me?

I will try my best to understand, but you’ll have to come up with an explanation later.

Please be patient, I’ll explain later on, believe me.

34. Housewife or career woman?

Smart housewife or not too busy career woman.

How about a woman whose career is in the house? A writer maybe?

35. Do you like me naturally?

Yes. If you’ve been natural for the last three months or so..

I really do, my Dearest Kino..

p.s: the flower smells good like you and your heart. mostly love, xoxo.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm not a Lesbian, but what's wrong with them? Sometimes it's all about the genetic thing!!

Do you remember the time?

When we dance and sometimes

do a crime?

It’s so unfair, how the world separate us!

Only because I’m a girl and so you are..

What’s love then, if it is not blind?

It doesn’t look your bust or penis

to go to dine

For every single ladies out there, you

are a lot more beautiful than

what you think you are. Then,when

you’re in love, you’re dazzling!