Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terjebak rasa dalam kata

Terjebak aku dalam kata-kata
Terjebak kini pada realita
Tak bisa lagi ku lari
Terkunci sudah dalam hati
Beribu kata, tak sanggup bicara

Pernah suatu kali satu orang bertanya
Mengapa paksa cinta buka mata?
Mengapa tak biarkan ia buta saja?
Lalu apa kini gunanya cinta
Kalau pandang rupa, pandang segala
Seperti perusahaanku saja
Sibuk mencari pekerja harta

Tapi tahukah kalian,
Apa yang paling buatku luka?
Bukan oleh lain manusia
Tapi oleh cinta
Dipermainkannya aku
Katanya ia tak lagi suka
Tak lagi ingin bersama
Lalu selama ini apa?
Main-main sebelum lanjut usia?

Sekarang di sinilah aku
Di penghujung rasa percaya
Tak lagi yakin akan cinta
Habis aku diperdaya
Awalnya tak percaya
Lalu dibuat percaya
Kini semua omong kosong belaka
Buta nyatanya.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life to Travel

Inspiration comes in a mysterious way. Sometimes it just pops up inside my head. Sometimes when a deadline comes, I have to think hardly for it. And sometimes it comes from traveling.

For me, traveling is the best way to grow up. It taught me many things people couldn't teach. It taught me to talk to people, to understand that nobody is the same and it's normal to adjust. But it also taught me to keep believing in what's right. That even though they're not the same, there's a basic rule of right and wrong.

Traveling gave me some times to think about myself and figure out who am I, what I want to be and what I want to be remembered. Traveling has helped me to be grown ups. And now, every time I travel, I become aware of any views which can inspire me. A long queue to amusement park, happy faces from another traveler, etc. Traveling has been a part of me. It taught me to make decisions, to lead myself and then let myself to lead others. To always be a better of me.

Traveling helped me to understand people, including myself. Go out and find yourself!

-July 19, 2013
Science Center, Singapore

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life in Amusement Park

For me, life is a huge amusement park
It sells experience
You have to embrace it to get the value of it
And in order to understand and feel the fun of it,
You have to put some bravery and try all of the games
Unless, you feel enough of being your friend's bag keeper
Being an audience, a follower, being just a worker

I know the coaster seems scary
It's high and it got all the chance to bring us down
But we have to try it anyway
And not wasting our tickets, don't we?
In the end, what's so beautiful  of looking something from below?
That's why I always want to be a bird
Looking all the alleys and seas from above

So, pal, tighten your safety belt
And you're good to go!