Sunday, August 21, 2011

new life - new post - new beginning

The fact is that actually i am a really homebody (do i say it right?) person. I enjoy myself when i'm all alone at my room. I can spend 48 hours without going out of it, only listening to music, watching television and DVDs, cuddling on my pillow, and write. It's pacifying you know :D

And by this habit, i reject some of invitations to hang out with friends quite often, and yes sometimes i regret it. What do you know about regrets? Do you have much of it? I have one from my childhood, that is when i said no when my mom push me to get to a piano course, stupid me!

And so, i don't feel much of regrets in my life, cause i believe everything's happened with a reason. Instead, i feel kinda blessed, because i already make a couple of friends -friends from office- here at Jakarta. One of them is a barbarian girl, hahaha, but she's so pretty i'm telling you. Hi there, oddie :D

And also there's this one chubby friend who asked my opinion about my last post talked about cheating. He confirmed that he saw lets say unfairness to men about this cheating stuff. He asked me why is that if the man did the cheat everyone would say that the man is a jerk, while the woman did the cheat everyone would likely to say that the man couldn't make the woman happy till she had to cheat. Hahaha, it's kinda right actually i think. Sorry, boys!

Well, for me, that makes everything becomes fair right? Here, let me ask you back, why is that if there is a man who did so much sex everyone keeps calling him cool, while there's a girl do it as many as him everyone would call her a bitch? It's all about stereotype and it is a heritage, so just eat it and don't take it too personally and you'll be just fine.

Greetings from here to every monkey's reading. Xxx.

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