Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give thanks as love is free

Last week I was taking a walk in the aisle of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, when I looked at two beautiful kids sat on the aisle’s floor and were hugging each other. They were dirty but still beautiful. One's a girl, the other is a boy. I thought they were brother and sister. Maybe they were waiting for their parent who might be a beggar.

They were just smiling and laughing. They were also kissing each other’s chick. So cute weren’t they? :D

And then I told this story to kikin and spontaneously he said, “luckily, love is free”.

Yeah, I thought, no matter how hard life is and how harder life is for several people, we are supposed to be able to go through it because there is love. There is love here and there.. It’s like the air, it’s everywhere and free. And we need it aint we? Becos it makes us happy, there's no doubt about that.

Moreover, it is Christmas coming to town. Spread more love! SMILE and take a break from sadness.

So, will you give love?

A point where i cried

This is the first time I cried so bad about something unworthy to be cried about.
This is the first time I felt so injured in my heart.
This is my handwriting and this is my story.
Im not brilliant or something but I know myself well and also love myself well, and it makes me able to do a lot of brilliant things.
And if you though that I am proud of myself, I am. What makes me not to? Or are you not becos youre just…..bad? Well, but I am not bad, because I am not you.

And if you ever once think that my wants to tell the world to please remember their dreams is only a matter of showoff thing, you are wrong. Totally. It is me begging all of you to chase your dream. Why? Because you have no idea how happy I am when I take a time to write, and I want all of you to feel it too. Because it isn’t fair if it is only me. I want all of you to feel proud about yourself to have something that you are really good at. Because it is amazing, because it raised up your confidence. Because it makes you feel as ‘someone’; it makes you feel valuable and useful as a human being. It makes you feel different or unique, not ordinary. Basically, it makes you SPECIAL.

This is why it is all about im telling you..

And if as all you can see from this is still about how arrogant I am, then maybe youre just not born to be a winner.

p.s: thank you for you having a lack of personality, cause it only makes mine looked better.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

on un rest we stand

looking forward to find happinessas all i could see is sea, this is happinessand all that i have is my two sweet friends, this is blessingso, please meet Rani and Miranti..location: Un Rest (Onrust) Island, Jakarta

Miranti Verdiana -the girl who lifted me up
We were just simply becoming friend after she moved to my boarding house. For the first couple of months, i couldnt remember her name for God's sake. I used to remember her as Martia, hahaha, sorry pal! And yes, the friendship hold on for long..

She was just have a boyfriend, so all i can say about her now is that she fell in love so deep to her boyfriend, Alvin. Im so happy for both of them :D

She and I have through a lot of experience; laugh and cry. She was there when i through something really bad in my life. Thank you, sayang..

Miranti is so independent, moreover as a woman. And i am proud of her.

And Miranti is the one whom my parents and brothers would call if i dont pick up their phone calls, bzzzzzzz......

Rani Tandiono -the girl in grey shirt
I first met her at Business English class, we continued to have lunch together where we usually ate batagor -a special food from Bandung which made from fish. And then somehow we continued to be close friend.

She is a smart student but basically you'll need a lot of patience to discuss something not related with college subject becos she can be a so-slowly-thinker! Damn you! But regardless all of that, i have to admit that she is a super-nice person. She's just kind from the beginning you know..

It's easy to give when you are in the middle of wealth or something, but can you give more when you yourself kinda need it too? Well, Rani can.

I remembered how she always willing to drop by in my boarding house to teach me accounting, eventhough i was the one who needed the lesson. She said, it was too late for me to walk to her boarding house. Well, actually if it was too late for me, it was too late for you too, idiot! We live in the same area! Thank you so much for that, darling.

She loves her family so much. She is close to her mom and -i dont know, i would like to say...sacrifice a lot for her twin sisters and her only brother. She is a brought-something-special-for-her-family-after-pay-day type of person. So sweet of her, isnt it?

p.s: for both of you, nothing more to say, i just love you.. *pelukpelukmanja* *jilatjilatbasah*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wandering l o v e

Its been a long time since i write about love, aint i? So, now lets talk about love.

If you remember, i dont believe in whatsoever called love. What i do believe is continuity. Sometimes, somewhere in my heart is always wandering that maybe love exists. Because if it is not, how come this serious relationship can be so much fun with my boyfriend..

To be honest, this is the best relationship i can imagine between man and woman. We grow together into something better of ourselves. I dont remember whether we ever have a big fight or not, i dont think so.. We argue about something we did should, not about something silly. He understands me so good. He always try to make me happy and for this i cant thank God more for sending me him. He is one of very smart, open minded, creative and visioner type of person. Yet, he is caring. Yeah and so, he can be my most challenging brainstorming opponent but also my sweet lover.

Hey you, thank you you found me..

I still dont know if love exists, but lets just see :D

p.s: i found it so sweet >>

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Love, XOXO.

Monday, December 5, 2011

dunia kita ini indah

Inginku terbang mengusap awan
Inginku menari di deburan ombak
Inginku bercakap dengan sang angin
Bersendau canda, bergurau ria
Lalu kan ku peluk pelangi saat hujan reda

Bagaimana bisa kau tak ucap doa
Di tengah segala indah dan cerah dunia
Rentangkan tanganmu
Hisap udara lalu salurkan dalam rongga dada
Gerai rambutmu lalu menyanyilah
Buka mata dan lihatlah bahwa semua ini indah..

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I want to live my life to the absolute fullest

To open my eyes to be all I can be

To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown

To feel the wind, to touch the stars

I promise to discover myself

To stand tall with greatness

To chase down and catch every dream


indonesian young people

Right now, i really want to talk about Indonesia, my beautiful country. A half year ago, i wont put the word beautiful in front of that 'country' word, i wont even think about Indonesia. Vice versa with my boyfriend who is very passionate about Indonesia. I once remembered he asked me "What reason makes you do not love Indonesia? While you asked me about the reason why i love it, let me ask you why you do not?" And then he continued "It has so may beautiful place. It has Bali, the place you always adore right? Dont you remember that is part of Indonesia? It has so many islands you really want to visit remember? Where do you think those islands are?". Then i took one night to think about it, one night that my boyfriend himself might do not realise. And here i am now, many step ahead from i am before. Sometimes i still feel weird about myself everytime -without conscious- i found myself talking about how great Indonesia is. I feel weird when i was really really sad when my country didnt win the SEA Games soccer match defeating Malaysia, and yet it still felt sad everytime i take a time to remember that loss.

So now here, i am about talking INDONESIA.

Well i do not know it much. But as long as i know, it has tons of great young people. There was Jakarta Fashion Week being held recently. Do you know that some of the entrants, including the designers were only on my age -21-25 approximately? Do you know that some of the owners of brand like Tosavica which has store at Grand Indonesia were also on my age? Do you know how many gold medal Indonesia got from its young athletes in last SEA Games? On the 10th day, Indonesia already got 155 gold medals. Can you still say that everything is wrong in here? NO, ITS NOT! If some of you say yes instead, i really hope you already has contributed an or some achievements to this country.

It is the time for Indonesia to shine for God's sake. And it is the time for its young people to help it shine. It is the time for people in our age to contribute big. It is the time for us to create not use. It is the time for us to not only speak but do what we speak. It is our time, it is our momentum. It is your time to do what you like and be the best on that. Pilot, runner, astronaut are also a job, its not only being a singer, doctor, or businessman that you can dreaming about. Be good be good, be big be big. DREAM HIGH.

Send lots of love from here..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

its never too late to build your dream

I was supposed to be on different tab of my screen right now, doing my work (AT THIS TIME!!! its 9.10 PM fyi). But instead, here I am, cant hold it any longer to write. Do you know what am i thinkin about? Sometimes i feel really really scared if only i just stuck here in my routine and going nowhere, where suddenly times have gone away and i am 50 years old. How sad i could be.. I have a lot of...a lot of things i want to achieve, but basically i just want to live in my dream, in what i am called passion. Sometimes i get really really jealous with my boyfriend, he is living his dream everyday, he does what he likes and live from there. Sometimes i am so afraid that i cant follow him..

What do you want from your life? I want to write a magazine contained a profile of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia and their achievements or ideas and publish it free. I want to held a sharing session with all of pemuda-pemudi Indonesia who might have the same interest with me which is to live by our passion and who might have the same spirit which is to bring greatness for Indonesia. I want to get a butterfly tattoo on my chest. I want to own a clothing line. I want to build a child and youth foundation. And finally i want to have my own tv station.

Can you imagine having a tv station? Gosh, it was the largest communication tool existed! You can bring a very big impact for the country. You can contribute a lott! I cant imagine how happy i am will be by the time i have it. I will show the world how beautiful Indonesia is and how blessed we are as Indonesian. I also will show the world how we are Indonesian are smart, brave and creative. We are willing to take a step forward and learn to be successful person.


Please, im begging, do what you like, and bring the best from there.. For yourself, for Indonesia.. Never hesitate to dream, even, its never too late to build it when you dont have one yet.

Cheers! @AliceAyu