Sunday, March 8, 2015

- Predictably Irrational

1. Doesn't it scare you, how in one snap, one second, people can change their mind? How in fact, people are predictably irrational and thus it makes their acts, their decisions, their responses, their reactions are inconsistent, are subjective and depending on too much variables with limited knowledge.

2. And yet, we are born as individual and social being which makes us sometimes, on certain conditions, to certain people, dependent.

3. Although, growing up as adults, we are becoming more and more aware of the fact that we should never depend on anyone but ourselves, that we cannot put our happiness on anybody’s hands but ours. Because it will make us irresponsible, to ourselves.

4. But on that condition, to that people, we are devoted, we glued ourselves.

5. Until one day, like any other day, we unconsciously blink, and these people are gone. They change their minds. One day they love, one day they are not. Predictably irrational.

6. Maybe that’s what marriage is for. To make it all less scary. Love, love is another thing. It’s like how man can separate sex from love. Love and marriage; they are apples and oranges.


Friday, January 2, 2015


It's been a long time. I guess the longest one. Actually 2014 was gone just like that. It's been fun, but just like that, it's 2015 already. I'm not saying that it didn't leave any marks in my life, but it's gone too fast. I think I've been using most of the times in 2014 to work. So.., one snap and it is 2015 now. Damn..

I'm getting old. Still so much to achieve, but I will already be 25 by this June. OMG.

But you know what, I learned a lot in 2014. I learned that sky really is the limit. That if everyday we push ourselves a little more, we actually can. I learned that everybody has their comfort zone. Sometimes it's a place, a career, and sometimes it's a person. And there's no way we can judge people about that. Leaving comfort zone is one of the hardest thing to do. So just let them learn their way.

That's all for today. And, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015, folks! Keep succeeding!

- Alice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Jodoh itu pilihan. Sesederhana analogi klasik memilih bunga di taman tanpa boleh kembali ke belakang. Diam di tempat takut menyesal melewatkan pemandangan di depan; melanjutkan perjalanan takut salah menyia-nyiakan yang sudah di tangan, apalagi kalau sudah terlanjur bikin taman yang kecil dengan isi bunga yang terbatas.

Mau takut yang mana pun juga adalah sebuah pilihan. Diam di tempat membunuh rasa penasaran dan strangely merelakan diri to fit in dengan ketidak-pas-an itu sendiri. Lanjut berjalan bertaruh dengan ketidakpastian dan mengambil resiko kesepian. Pilihan.

Tapi ada yang bukan pilihan. Keraguan. Dan semua pemikiran tentang ketakutan akan pilihan-pilihan yang ada. Kalau sudah begini tinggal keberanian yang berperan. Mau bertahan dalam keraguan atau berpetualang mencari jawaban.

Aug 4, 12:50 AM.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Her face is doomed
His mouth mumbling
Like a handsome idiot
Both are politician
Both pretty
They talk like the smartest
And secretly thinking about sex
Most of their kind is just like them
They talk talk talk
Then sex sex sex
And then comes one hero
Who sincerely cares
And everybody keeps telling
That it’s just for his image
Maybe nobody knows anymore
The slight difference
Between cares and tales

Old Memorial Park

That place was full with darkness
I could see nothing but white smelly smolder
I went there to pick up someone
Someone from my past
She’s pretty but fake
Like a mannequin
Her nose is perfect
And her hair is all black
Back then she was a waitress
In a restaurant right down the Sunset Street
Near my apartment, a place where I barely live
We’re not a lover
Nor a best friend
I just knew her from where I got my coffee
And she just knew me as one lousy customer
Not long from now she just got hit by a car
I saw her from across the street
And dropped my cup of coffee
I stood there for three hours
And she was brought to faraway
Far from Sunset Street
So I don’t drink coffee anymore
Instead, I went to that Memorial Park
To pick her up and trying to be a lover
One night I dream
I drink coffee and she walks next to me
Hand on hand, still on the Sunset Street