Saturday, October 30, 2010

Every girl deserves for roses.

Every woman deserves better. Every girl deserves for any beautiful flowers in this world, and by the way you’re still more beautiful than any of them. So, don’t ever think that the rough man is enough or that the possessive one is OK. Never once you think that you won’t find the better guy, please don’t be afraid to loose someone by that thought. You’re too precious to waste your time for a silly fight or for a liter of tears, please don’t.

Listen to the whisper of your heart, sometimes it knows more than your clever brain. It’s not that I tell you to give up every man you’re being with, just don’t be plunged into grief or sorrow because of man and you think that that is love or sacrifice for love or kind of that thing.

When you don’t find any more smiles, maybe you just don’t love him, you just don’t realize yet.

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