Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcoming My Dream

Everybody deserves a big dream. From the possible to the unrealistic one. There are many stories in this big world with the theme of this. Mostly begin with a failure, then the hope brings a super power, till the dream can be reached, and finally a happy ending. That kind of stories or movies always work out in making me amazed and affected. But most of all, the movies always give me a courage to keep dreaming. Sometimes I was being so afraid to have a dream. I was afraid of fallen down by my own dream, and I was afraid to maintain it. While for some people, they live because they have some dreams waiting to be realized. And I always adore those people.

Dream. It’s really amazing the way it works. It pushes you to be better, brave, to be enthusiastic with world, enthusiastic to reach it. It teaches you to hope and believe. Everybody deserves a dream. Even if it is just a simple dream, it’s still a dream. So, sleep well and dream nice.

I’ll dreaming my everyday dream, it’s becoming a writer. Someday..someday...

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