Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Dear Dad

I was in my mother’s stomach, his hands were so tender and loving. The next three years I was on my kindergarten, and he always brought me there. Then only for couple years, I sat on my elementary chair, sometimes he would let me skip the class and called my headmaster to say that I ain’t on my good condition to go to school. My height was 152cm while he began to annoy me, asked me about all of the boys in my junior high school – plus their background! I moved to Bandung to get on my senior high school, so I had my first ATM from him. Things are getting better while I went to college, he gave me another ATM and an extra money.

But, the most beautiful thing that he always give me is a sincere love. And the most beautiful thing that God gave me was my father.

Happy birthday, paps. Love you so much, *cupss :)

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