Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crossword Puzzle

This time, I decided to make a crossword puzzle for my 4th month annive. Here it is (you can click on the image if you want to make it sharper).

Can you answer them? Hehe.. It was pretty tiring when I made it. I usually did the crossword while waiting for something, for the teachers mostly. Good luck good luck, Kikin; I will tell you all later on about his answers, or maybe about his unawareness by failing to answer, haha.
Anyway, do you know why I always make sth for date 21st? No, it’s not about me romantic, it’s only a try to keep everything special. Why do you think a Christmas or Lebaran Day still be so special for Christian and Moslem although it has recurring happened all the time? Cause they celebrated them, right? I’m only doing the same. I can’t imagine this relationship becomes only a routine, or moreover a meaningless time and money investment. Don’t, don’t be..
Soooo, where will you take me tonight, Darling?

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