Friday, October 22, 2010


Just like what Jenny Curran said to Forrest, “Run, Forrest, run!”.

Don’t try to be a hero, just run. Maybe that’s what I did too, me as Forrest of course. I think, become a hero is not cool at all.. Or maybe it’s cool, but I’m a coward whose never ready for the pain.

Sometimes when the night comes and you can’t close your minds yet, the room becomes so scary. It’s like many moments in your life that you never wish to happen but was happening suddenly came too near into your vision. You can look yourself on that vision, doing stupid things. You’ll try to stop you, but still happening. Maybe you will cry until your eyes were tired enough to come down the tears, and you'll fall asleep. The morning you wake up, you’ll get the red and wrinkled face.

So, I conclude that I was running all this time, not cure, because the pain is still so clear when it came into my vision.

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