Sunday, October 17, 2010

c a e r o s

Caeros. It is a random word, you’ll find nowhere. Google maybe finds you some results, but still on a random meaning. Only one of the finding might be attractive to be clicked onto, that is Joseph Sianipar’s blog. The blog is nice, have a strong character, and especially the main character, Karina Angelica – which will not be recounted here.

What so special from him is of course his love life – which also won’t be recounted here (maybe in my next writing). While what I believe about him is that he’ll be a success man when he grows older.

He’s a learner, definitely. That is why when he got break up, he can maintain his balance and not fallen down (well, maybe a little or much?). It’s pretty fascinating, found his life OK throughout that broke up phase. He just like opened his eyes and run, run to the succeed of life. He went out to meet people, to make money, to laugh.

His voice is melodious, he can sings well, and he adores his family.

Sometimes he can be so annoying, but mostly, he can be my best friend.

p.s: thank you for the business lessons. always enjoy the tea time, talking everything..

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