Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lets back to the theme of love for a while. It’s surely a theme that I write for mostly times. It’s also a never ending chat topic, which I usually discuss with some close friends. So, what do you think about love, ppl? Do you believe in true love, the ever lasting love? Kikin chooses not to believe, cause if there really is that kind of love, then how unfair the world is (some of you maybe will say in your heart “since when the world contain word ‘fair’?”).

It’s Joseph Sianipar, the one who totally believe with his love. I really want to know the feel, what does he feel, how’s the way he loves.

Me? Still don’t decide yet.

What I believe for now is that the love should comes first, a little adjustment is fine, but changing my personality for love?, well that’s no longer love then, that’s just such an alibi to save a relationship.

There..there.., go find your love, readers!