Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happiness ??

If there’s a wise man said that you will only know that someone is meaningful in your life when you’re loosing them, maybe that’s right. I was on my crazy mode lately, there are a lot of thoughts bothering me. When it seems nothing to worry with my life, which is full of happiness and blessed from God, it turns out to be gloomy and depressed. It’s kinda surprise me, knowing that not only sorrow that hard to be accepted, the happiness comes harder though.

The happiness came to me insistently these couple months, and somehow it scares me. Maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t deny it. I don’t know what this is all about. I’m not sure for what I feel, what I guess. I think I’m just being too scared with all of this, which I don’t know exactly what “this” really is. And one day this stupid thing had crossed my mind. My broken brain told me to just left out the source of the happiness and it’s done. Well, even-though that was a silly thought, I think about that a lot and a lot more these days. The question is how if the risky way won't fix me? Me still with the restlessness? That thought made someone said that I'm the greedy one! But, aren’t you? Sometimes I need those guarantees, choice in life somehow has fainted me...

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