Tuesday, October 12, 2010

David Jonathan Susanto

He is a person, just like any people surround you, surround me. He is a man, with every man’s imperfections. He drinks, he smokes, he plays guitar so well. He fell in love, broke up, another in love, and another crashed.

He was known as a smart student at his time, but there’s a point in this moment of his life, where numbers ain’t on his side anymore. Well, he doesn’t try harder to reach the numbers though. At a few times ago, he didn’t even know whether he had to catch up with some girls or not. He stuck up.

Last Saturday night, I went to one of cafe at Bandung, with three other boy friends of mine. The place serves coffee and tea, pastry, snacks, and some heavy meals, which pretty tasty as for me. I was looking around the place, seeking an empty couch to sit, and there he was, wearing a casual shirt, jeans, and a brown beautiful shoes, playing guitar, right on the low upstairs stage.

I’m his nobody, and I don’t know why, but I’m happy. So, whenever you read this, I just want to say that I’m proud of you, my friend. Keep going on; made the world some good tones from your heart.

p.s : there’s one moment which I really remember, is when you said that your biggest dream is only being on stage, some simple stage at a cafe, where the customer of the cafe won’t be too care about the show but the food or maybe the chitchat. so, be happy for your dream-comes-true.. last Saturday was adorable :)


  1. and I'm so proud of you Alice Ayu, not judging people by his/her weakness,,I wish i can do that too,,keep on writing,,!

  2. Thank you for the spirit. Keep rockin, hehe.. You're special, known that!

  3. Ahahaha.. Apa sihh, Pak Kahim? Thank you for reading anyway :)