Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear God,

God, today I don't feel okay, it seems like everything doesn't seem so right. But I'm still happy because You heard my prayer and You answer me. Sometimes I know that I should take a responsibility for my own happiness, but it's kinda hard, God. I usually depend it on many things, on my parents, friends, boyfriend, and things like clothes-money-trousers-shoes-purse-bracelets-earrings-and other shiny things. And now when I realize that comes the time where they, one-by-one, all will be gone, I feel terribly sad. Because honestly, I love the people so much. It frighten me out..

Ahh, this afternoon, I met a few people. Many different of them. I met person with a smile; with a laugh, but mostly I met people in a hurry faces. I don't want to be like them, God, so please guide me with my thesis. I'm working on it, You see it Yourself. And I swear I'll give my best shot for this.

I love You, God. Contact You soon.

Your daughter,

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