Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brown Book

I have to admit that in my relationship with kikin, we do many things that sound (well this term of word maybe can represent what I mean) "unyuuuu". We are both spoiled. We named after many things kikin bought for me and vice versa. We have Nucka -the uglydoll, then there is Elmo -the elmo from sesame street doll, we have Grow -Nucka's friend cause they both colored brown, and then Bagus -the first thing that we named which is kikin's motorcycle, and so forth. Actually kikin and I can make a football team from those imaginary friends. And the latest thing we had was this brown book which I bought at Muji. We wrote this book with anything we like to write. One night it will stay at my place then I'll give it to kikin the day after; kikin will return it to me after that and so on and so on and so on. Honestly, I do feel like a teenager and sometimes I just don't wanna let everybody knows it because you know I'm almost 21 and only by saying unyuuu in the middle of the crowd suddenly I can feel embrace. But kikin's write on that book was actually really good, it can make me smile even for the 2nd time I read. And I've just realized that this is the way of us to share our day to day dreams, our hopes, our biggest fear, our smile, and our love for everybody; it is just our story, wherever it will be ended at.

And thanks to you for sharing those dreams with me. I am really happy that I have you in my life -and Nucka and Elmo and Grow and Bagus (hahahahaha).

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