Monday, March 21, 2011


Let me share a thought with you. Since I grown up, I met such an uncomfortable condition, but that was not as terrible as an annoying condition. What is this an annoying condition?

Okay, here's the thing. I begin to understand that in life there is a condition where the win-win term can't be realized. Ahhh, I hate how I grow up and finally meet this term of condition. My childhood's fantasy about world was not as realistic as the real one actually. Imagine two persons, in love, lets say four years being in a good relationship, and the male decides to make a proposal, but unfortunately the female rejects.

Well, lets make a simple analogy about that condition. Since what the male asked from the proposal is intangible, it will be hard for me to explain what's inside my head, so I choose an apple to replace it. The male must be hoped for a "yes" when he asked an apple from the girl, but the answer is purely become the girl's right whether she will nod her head or shook it. Because this apple is belong to the girl, none of other people can force her to give it to someone or judging her because she decides not to give it to anybody. Fair enough. But can you say "it's okay, it's fair enough" when you're in the male's position? You'll feel betrayed cause you will start to think that you've invested a lot of things on that apple. You spent time to take care of it, you spent energy, you spent money, and not in the small proportion, but big big big one investment. But, I also cannot blame on the girl, because marriage is such a huge thing and usually it was been dreamed of by women since we were just a little silly girl. And it will always be a NO when we're not so sure. So, just blame the air then. But -another but, since we can't see the air, the girl would be the last person to blame. That's why it is so annoying. Get it?

Catch up with you later but soon.

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