Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Day

This is another story for me, fellas, about my daily life. It's quite routine actually, except for the weekend, but since I've been pretty much busy lately because of the thesis and the internship, I don't have any going-boom-boom-weekend anymore.

I've fixed my sleep time problem. Now I sleep at maximum 1.00 a.m, and wake up soon at 8, and I feel healthier by then. My life begins with bathroom and hairdryer, then sometimes a library and sometimes a place where I study Chinese language. But what I always get is an hour run into my office, of course I didn't use my legs. To be honest, I didn't really like my time that I spent on public transportation, it's just how can I call it, just uncomfortable someway you know (really I'm not being cocky here, but that's just what I feel). I owe my goldy i-pod so much for help me on that.

My boyfriend will pick me up from work at 5 p.m, and get me an early dinner. That is heaven for me. And since I've mentioned boyfriend, let me seasoning it with love a little bit. Just like a routine life which can make anybody feel bored, a routine boyfriend also can, but who wants to have an unroutine boyfriend? I don't think I can handle Roy on Monday, then on the next day I'll have Sam, and Boby at Wednesday, or something. So, I think instead of keep looking and looking for someone who can't make you feel bored, I better looking for someone who can help me out of the bored. And I'm glad and proud of my present boyfriend on this.

Back to my daily. After three months having this home-office-home routine, I start to get use to it. An hour doesn't feel like a whole day anymore, and actually I really enjoy the public transportation. Indeed sometimes I even miss the time where I can hear music from my i-pod while my eyes keep looking around the street. It's pretty nice, watching people do their things on the street also on the public car. Well, then maybe if we choose to just stay enjoy and have fun, nature will help us..

Hope you all healthy and happy! Ciao, xoxo..

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