Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mice Trap

Guys, you have to know something! Yesterday was the scariest moment that I've ever had in my life! I SLEPT WITH A MICE!

I arrived at home after work, I opened my room door, and I saw that black mice climbing my blue curtain. Ohhhhh, how nasty nasty super nasty! I don't have any ideas where the mice came from. The thought that maybe the mice has been in my room not only yesterday was made me sick! Can you imagine that? It maybe has touched my things, maybe my clothes that hanging on the outside of my wardrobe, maybe my bed, ohh noooo :(

So, I asked my boarding house's security guard to help me repel the mice. But at the time I came back to my room with the security guard, the mice has gone from my sight. We were looking for it for a while, then we gave up. And, guess what, there was nothing I can do but slept with it because it was really late at night. Thing wasn't going better at all, the mice was really there, it made a noise every hour and woke me up. But the good thing about it was finally I knew where specifically the mice was. Ohh, I had to sleep with the light turning on :(

Finally the sun rises. Kikin came to my room, helped me knocked off this trouble. He asked me to go get some breakfast while he tried to find the mice. When I came back, he still on the fight with the mice. He said he has looked at it and it wasn't too big but its color was nothing but black, yuck! So, I went to my mate's room. I just sat on the chair, chat with may friend when I heard kikin said "done, the mice has run out of the room!". Suddenly I saw that black disgusting runner and with my friend we closed my friend's room door as fast as we can. Aaaaa, I hug him and said thank you. It was relieved. Thanks again, boyfriend!

Well, I saw that this is actually what every girl needs from a man -his bravery and physical power. Women are strong, I believe that somehow women are stronger than men. We used to deal with pressure. See how women deal with their friendship, how women do gossip and how as a woman we should be ready to be gossiped of behind our back. It builds woman's toughness. And everytime I saw a movie which the story contained a death of a child from the family, the only person who collapsed was the father -the man. It doesn't matter if as a woman I have to be stronger for that kind of thing, but I do need a man who is braver than me while the lights down, when a thunder claps, when the roof leaks, when the television is broken, and when a mouse entered my boarding room!

For every single man out there: Be brave!

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