Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi, world! How's 2012?

It’s gonna be my first writing in 2012. Just so you know, there’s always this feeling where after a long time without writing, I somehow became afraid to start it. I don’t know how, but I was afraid that once I begin to write, I realize that I’ve lost the ability. Well, it was weird, but it did happened over and over again.

Monk, recently, I felt pretty proud of myself since I could pass several difficulties regarding my job. It was quite unexplainable. Well, I struggling a lot with excel and ACL if some of you know what ACL is. Do you know how many rows microsoft excel has? Because I know, hell yeah..! But I enjoyed it, I enjoyed every pain of it, every satisfaction, every challenge of it.

After the second paragraph I think I still have it right? The ability? In fact, I like it –writing– a lot. It is one thing I will do for my entire life I guess, no matter I get paid or not, even, it’s okay by me if it only becomes a hobby eventually. I’m so happy and blessed for having something I really like huh? Something that makes me feel valuable as a person.

So, after a long time only humming in mind with no real posting on blog, I have several topics to talk about. How if I just split those into several posts? Stay tune eh, monk!

Oh ya, by the way, I’m hearing to Coldplay right now and I bet you’ve known already that I die to tones called songs or musics. I guess the world does! Do you remember the feeling when you hear a song and suddenly it reminds you of some moments in your life? It happened a lot you know. It was the same feeling while you were using a certain soap with certain aroma and it brings back some memories to you. So, how’s with you? Did the songs bring a good or bad memories? If I may guess, it depends on how are you feeling right now. If you’re happy, even the bad memories can be a good one don't you think? Back to Coldplay, the album titled Mylo Xyloto. I have absolutely no idea what Mylo Xyloto means, still it sounds very cool because it’s Coldplay’s!


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