Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfectly Match For Each Other (Padlock and It’s Key)

Perfectly match for each other, that’s the phrase you ever used to describe your parents. I think, now I begin to understand the feel of it, not just literally. I don’t need to make many adjustments of myself to make us work. Maybe it’s too early to conclude, but I’m just too happy to not convey.

I like the way you sing a song. I like the way you make me laugh (are you a comedian?).

I like the time when we discussed about love songs lyric or any songs lyric.

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but compromise that moves us along” – She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)

“Everybody knows, but nobody really knows” – Everybody Knows (John Legend)

“I wish you the best, I guess” – (still) Everybody Knows (John Legend)

I like the theme song of us – for this phase – ,which you found:

“If everything could ever feel this real forever” – Ever long (Foo Fighters)

You treat me well. There’s no man still texting me every single day to say good morning after two and a half months he attempt me.

Your family is fun. Now I know where you get the “pada dasarnya aku sih santai” style.

We love book, movie, music – art –. We love escapade. I do really enjoyed the “tornado”, but not to re-enjoy!

We’re not ashame to show that we’re in love, just like those teenagers do, but we talk like adult – even-though in the “manja” format –.

I don’t know how this world works, I don’t even have a braveness to have a long-term hope, I just want to admire this priceless time.

If you’re the padlock, I’m the key, or, we can switch.