Monday, July 12, 2010


At some points

You will realize

Life is not that easy

Life is not as simple as picking a pen when you were a student

Life is not as happy as you were a kid

Smiling and playing hide and seek

Sleeping and got mummy’s kisses when you’re sick

As you grow up

You will know

Life is not always on your side

Sometimes it against you so much

Sometimes it hurts you a lot

Grow a day older

And you’ll see

How this world works

How this universe can be

Grow a day older

And you’ll feel

How this fairness fear you

How it feels when you open your eyes

And there’s nobody

Even people that you think will always be there

Suddenly they’re far away

They’re with their own things, thinks, and life

And you have to be ready, once more

For that suddenness

For there’s no a shoulder left to cry on

Time by time

The day’s still growing older

At more points

You will find

A new point of view

A new of you

With your laugh and your sweetest smile

The world’s still working with its own fucking way

But you’ll have had your own words for world

Still with your laugh and your sweetest smile

The universe is still the same

And the day’s still growing older

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